Put yourself in your toddler’s shoes

20180213_190454It is 8.45 and I receive a message from my partner saying that he can’t bring the kids to the camp anymore because it breaks his heart to leave the youngest one in tears there. This is their second day in the camp and it made me think. Have I once again run into something without putting myself in my kids shoes and understanding what their needs are? Have I simply mindlessly done the bare minimum (prepare clothes, bags, food etc) without even thinking a little bit about their emotional needs? Continue reading


Chocolate mousse you can’t stop eating


This recipe is something I once saw browsing the wide web and couldn’t believe that something this easy would be anything close to edible. Something that takes exactly 2 ingredients but tastes like you’ve been putting in some serious work. It’s a chocolate mousse made of the liquid from chickpeas a.k.a aquafaba and.. you guessed it: chocolate. Continue reading

Stop feeling guilty

I am looking at my last entry and it says 25th of January 2014. Has it really been that long? Have I really forgotten to take care of things and activities that I really enjoyed doing? Hey, stop! Stop feeling GUILTY!  Something I’m learning, something that I am definitely better at than a year ago and something I want to encourage all parents (and humans in general) to stop feeling. Continue reading

Give-me-that-recipe apple muffins

IMAG2579_1It’s weekend and I am home with my little one. Our usual routine has started by waking up at 6.30, having breakfast, cleaning up the after breakfast mess, changing into some clean clothes, me trying to do some stretches (appreciated by the little one and the cat. and by appreciated I mean, getting on top of me whenever they can)  and then Seppe really wants to help me with things. That is when I decided that we are going to make these uber-delicious apple muffins. The result for this recipe  is always great and you will want to make them again. Continue reading

Latvian rye bread truffle

IMAG2179There are so many recipes out there that I have tried yet never have I gone back to the roots with desserts. Latvian rye bread truffle is one of the most popular desserts that I don’t think I have ever tried but as I recently came into a possession of a rye-bread, I thought it is time to change that. Continue reading

Why am I proud of being a Latvian?

meitenju profilsAdmitting it or not but we all love when the name of our country pops up on a list with a positive connotation. Suddenly we are all reminded and remember why we are proud of who we are and that’s a good thing, right?? Not always though.. Continue reading