Beginning of my digital love story

I have always been someone attracted to the virtual world. Even when Internet era just started in Latvia, I was going to Internet cafes, chatting with people online and trying out all kind of social roles. It was a great experience but since then a lot of changes have taken place. Now we have social media, we have Twitter, Facebook, Myspace. peleMy digital love story takes place in Facebook.

A while ago I was single. Have just signed papers for buying my apartment, getting loans from bank for 25 years, trying to be independent. for real. Or maybe just being a grown up. Moving in happened in October. Not the best month to be in your new apartment alone. Of course, I was working hard to make the apartment my home, but that can take only certain amount of time.

By January apartment was a place to live, a place to be and a place to have parties. Which took place, of course… But then there were those nights when all your friends are with their significant others, it is 7 in the evening and you are home alone. And it is cold. And raining. And at that time I was not going to gym or having other activities. So, I ended up being home.

I have heard of Facebook from the teacher in one of my courses in the European Parliament (no matter how strange that might sound) and I thought that I should try it out – you know – I like to register in a lot of places and see what they are about and whether or not it might be interesting and…. I got hooked up.

As there were enormous possibilities to install different applications, I was spending more and more time there, getting into flirting area as well. And FB has a lot to offer – programmes are coming one after other with the same purpose – to give you a platform to flirt in the safe zone (without actually meeting the person in reality… at least not in the beginning). This is not going to be about how people behave using these programmes, this is going to be about how I met HIM…

How did it start?

Beginning is a little bit unclear – whether it was him or me that expressed the interest first.. But let’s say that it was me (according to his story:)). So, basically, from 2 guys’ pictures I said that he looked better. And instead of getting regular – “thanks, sweets”, or “you look so hot” he came up with something catchy. unfortunately it has not been saved anywhere, so, i don’t remember the exact message. but oh, the message got to me.

conversations started in the programme itself, then went on to inbox and then personal email exchanges. the emails that I received from him…. I have NEVER in my life read anything THAT interesting. I actually was printing his emails out. And I am not that kind of person. that prints emails out…

There was something. I couldn’t quite understand what, but he was intriguing. However, at that point, I was not taking him seriously.. Just because – it was easier. I was living life as it came, not expecting some guy to appear there… And then we started to talk that we should meet. And we did…being happy

THE meeting

He – just arrived from other continent, totally jetlagged, still decided to come and meet me in a bar where I was having drinks with some other people… Of course, the moment before it is all about those butterflies – how is it going to be, whether we’ll have fun or we won’t be able to stand each other – well, you know, the usual stuff…

when i saw him – first thing i thought is that he is shorter than me and that this is not going to work out well (ask me that again now:)))) but still – the evening turned out to be great. a lot of laughs, a lot of talking (especially because he was jet-lagged) and next morning we said good buy.

day after i was back to my normal rhythm again.. living as it is, going out, seeing a lot of people. he had other idea in his mind. and he persuaded me to change my mind, when he was not only talking about showing up at the Kraak&Smaak concert where i was going, but he actually showed up…. after that it was lot of struggling from my side. i somehow did not know how to open up. but when i finally did… what can i say – we are still together and i have not felt as happy i think… ever…..

moral of the story?

there is none. we each have our own paths in life and we can be happy if we meat someone whose path is meant to make ours much easier…


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