Cospaia. Restaurant in Brussels where not to return

Usually I am not a person that likes complaining. I would say that my main philosophy would be – if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all.. But this story could be as a warning to others.

Every year me and my friends are going for a Christmas dinner. Usually a couple of weeks before the Christmas as most of us are ex-pats and usually we are leaving to different destinations pretty soon. This year was no exception – we managed to find one free spot in our pre-Christmas, pre-travelling agendas and we agreed to try out a restaurant, where we had not dined before: Cospaia.

One of Cospaia's dining rooms

A second chance

Actually, to be totally honest, we were giving it a second chance – a while ago when with a group of friends we were going for drinks, we decided to try Cospaia as it has a nice roof terrace. Already then we were disappointed as the service was extremely slow. Ok, we were 10 people, but that does not mean that we should be waiting for our drinks for 30 minutes…

Anyway, we decided to give this place a second chance (mainly because the interior of the place is gorgeous. Honestly – just to be in the place it is like going to a different world – classy and a bit mystical). Once again – we were a group of people yesterday – 7 in total. We arrived to restaurant at 8 in the evening, were offered some cocktails which we agreed to have.  How dumb of us – as it took them 20 minutes at least to prepare the cocktails. Then we tried to stop one of the staff that was constantly running around and ask for the menu. That took them another 10 minutes to react (and for God”s sake, we were sitting next to the place where dishes arrive and menus are put in a nice pile).

So, around 9.45 in the evening we got our meal… People who ordered meat – did not receive the side dish. So there they were  – sitting in front of a big plate with meat and no veggies, nor potatoes nor anything else. Before we got to stop another of the staff members and to get potatoes, it was another 10 minutes. And on top of that – food was not prepared well..  I mean – maybe that is too harsh… It was not a bad bad food, but it was nothing that you will ever remember or want having again because it was good. And in my personal opinion, if you ask for a main dish more than 20 EUR, food is supposed to be good (if not excellent).

In Cospaia client does not come first

You can imagine that getting the bill was not any faster process (even though we thought that it might be). As we were here with a special discount voucher from restopass we wanted to give it to waiter in order for him to make a discount. When Ben went over there to ask for it, only answer that he heard from the guy (which we assume was maitre d’) was: “Not now!”

Bar area

As you can imagine this was a matter of principle not to leave even the smallest tip… And we usually like to tip. When we receive good service. Or good food…

Maybe they were missing a staff yesterday and that was a reason why things got hectic (because maitre d’ was running around with plates himself), but that is no reason not to apologize for this inconvenience, to be polite and to make the best of what the situation has given.

This was the last chance we gave it to this place and it did not fulfil any of our expectations..  Which is indeed a pity as it could be one of the best places in town…


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