New Year’s resolutions

Yesterday I was having dinner with Anete who is a friend of mine that deserves a blog entry of her own and we were having a chat about New Year’s resolutions. She told me that last year she has made hers for this year but now she doesn’t have any intention to have them for the following year.  Why? Well, simply because it is quite frustrating when at the end of the year you look at your little resolution paper and you see that you have not done any of them on the level that you would have wanted it.

Nevertheless, this story of hers did not dicourage me.  Maybe because I have not written New Year’s resolutions before.  Maybe because I just want to try something different next year. So, this is my plan, how it is going to work

  • Maximum allowed resolutions are 12 (one per month).
  • They have to be quite simple in order to be fulfilled
  • they have to be clearly stated, because, i have to be able to evaluate how much result is there in the end
  • i am not going to be frustrated if all of them are not done.. because that is how life works: you make plans and life corrects them 🙂

I have not come up with all of the resolutions yet, bet here are the first ones:

  1. to read 1 book a month. honestly. this is not hard thing to do, but it involves that you have to remind it to yourself. why? because I am living in the world where is just too much information and the way i consume it, has become much faster – i rather choose a movie than a book. and I also have discovered, that movie can not replace the journey that you have when you are reading the book.
  2. to learn vegetarian cooking. as I am not a big meat eater, I thought that this should be something that I just have to tell myself to do at some point (otherwise usual chicken and shrimp are getting a bit too many times on my plate). the task is made harder as I am lactose intolerant and can’t handle any dairy products… A challenge that is worth accomplishing, I think.
  3. regularly write a blog entry. it clears your mind. it helps you evaluate where you stand. and also – if I decided to start this project myself, with no external influence, if I made a commitement to myself, why would I let myself down?

This is just the beginning. I am sure that Iwill soon come up with the rest of the resolutions though… And then the tricky part with following through will begin 🙂

p.s. found this resolution list online and for me it wouldn’t work… it is too bla bla bla… that is why I came up with my rules after all 🙂


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