Recipes with the highest marks this year

I love cooking. I do. And over the years I have managed to learn a distinction between good food according to post-soviet taste buds and Western European taste. Can tell you that the latter one is much more complicated and nicer to learn about. You obviously get wider range of taste than just cream, mayonaise and cheese that predominates in post-soviet cooking countries. Not only I have changed my ways of cooking, but I also have developed a system how I approach my cooking. I don’t see it as training and yet I practise it as one.

Usually on Saturday mornings whilst Ben is still sleeping, I get up, make myself a big cup of coffee and take out all my cooking books. From there I make my menu for the following week and also shopping list. If for one reason or other menu is not made on Saturdays, I do it on Monday, using millions of recipes available online. And to know whether the recipes have been sucessful, I rate them from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest). Here you can find a collection of recipes that have passed the highest mark this year.

  1. Seared scallops on pea and mint risotto recipe
    This recipe is very easy and fast to make (calculate around 40-45 minutes) even though don’t understimate the cost of it (scallops are the expensive part). It is amazing what a difference I notice between the first risotto that I ever made and this ones. For the first one I thought it was worthless effort (and that was only 2 years ago) and this one I thought was amazing. Definitely can recommend it for a great evening.
  2. Vegan Hot Fudge Sundae Cake
    I was never really into desserts until the point where doctors told me that I am lactose intolerant. From this point on from time to time I got cravings for some cakes or specific desserts (like creme brulle or chocolate cake). Then this year I bought book “Great good dairy free desserts” which has now opened door to the dessert world. Recipe that you find in the link is a modified version for those who have microwaves. I baked my cake in the oven on 180 degrees C for 30 minutes. It was just delicious. Best part about this cake is, that it has its own sauce… yammmm!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Drunken prawns
    It is so fast to prepare that you don’t even notice how soon it is ready! Just take into consideration that for marinating the prawns you need 1h. In total it took me 1h 10 minutes.. I chose this recipe to make for the evening when two of my dear friends – Anete and Ieva – were visiting me. And not because of the name of the recipe. And not because of the thought that lies beneath.  In the end we finished the bottle of rum that was left under marinating prawns and ate everything till last peace. I served it witch rice in coconut sauce. Very much worth repeating.

These are the recipes I enjoyed most in the first month and a half of this year. I will try to gather those that have made my dinner experience happier over past year and post them soon.

P.S. some of my favorite online recipes sites:

  • All recipes. Allows you to search by ingriedients, by cooking time, by difficulty level…
  • Good food channel. From UK TYV show – nice recipes, a lot of photos, clear instructions. Can choose recipes by different parameters.
  • BBC Good Food. Similar to previous one and yet – different. This is magazine from UK and in the online recipe version you can find recipes by different diets, ingredients, cuisines as well as get some tips on cooking
  • Delicious magazine. I have a lot of their cooking books, which are always ilustrated and with very good instructions. Just discovered that can use their online resources as well!


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