Understanding your illness

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I am one of those people who believes in the higher force. And I also believe that this higher force (however you would name it) is not someone who decides for you what to do. This higher force is the laws of universe by which everything in this world works. And if you don’t know the rules, that does not mean that you won’t be held responsible for not following them. And it is not some mystical day in the future where you’ll be in the heavenly court, it is now – your life – any disappointments that you have in your life is a result of not following these rules. As simple as that.

I was put to think about this issue by reading the book by Valery Sinelnikov “Love thy illness”. Whilst the book itself is written on the principles of neuro-linguistic programming, which are not close to me (I can understand them and see the point of them, but for the time being it is not my path), it has a lot of interesting facts that I keep forgetting from time to time. First and the most important one being – everything that happens to us – any event, illness, friendship, fight, accident, meeting or anything else in our lives – is something that we have first created in our minds. Not the event itself, of course, but we have had some certain behaviours or thoughts (most of the time those are negative ones, as you can imagine) as a result of which we receive these certain events.

And I know a lot of people that look sceptical at this kind of explanation. And they are right to do so as they have different understanding of this life. Not better nor worse – it is theirs and hence good for them. Meanwhile for me this makes perfect sense. It always has. And over the time I am learning a little bit more with every new book or lecture or all kind of alternative specialists that I have seen in my life.

We create our own illness

So, Dr. Sinelnikov says that also illness is a result of our negative thoughts. And he also says that usually these thoughts or behaviours of ours, deeper they have good intentions, but they are not expressed in a good way. Let’s take for example herpes. A lot of people, including me, have had them. Dr. Sinelnikov explains that they are a result of prejudices or judgements or accumulated bitter thoughts that have not been expressed. And then I look at myself – I have gone through an enormous personal development since I moved away from my home country but for a long time I still had the behaviour that I’ve had there – judgmental.

Not really conscious it was. No.. Just now – looking back at all that, I can see that I had the tendency not to accept that there are other ways than mine and that they are also right. Instead I could say – but that is unacceptable, this is not normal or that is horrible. It was the behaviour I learned in the Latvian society. As soon as something does not fit into “traditional” and “accepted” behaviour, it was judged. And now, living away from Latvia for 5 years, I have somehow learned not to have the need to have those thoughts or rather behaviours and you know what? I haven’t had those herpes lately!

Of course, I must say that if I would fully integrated in Belgian society – watch TV, meet only locals and socialize with them, probably I would be trapped in another way of judgemental society thinking, but I have chosen not to haveĀ  a TV cable, to listen to the radio rarely and to communicate not only with locals (which is not that easy anyway if you are an expat in Brussels) but also with all kind of nationalities that you can meet. And I believe that it has helped me to develop a kinder and better look at the life.

What about those good intentions?

Well in the case of herpes where the negative behaviour is judgement and prejudice, the good intention would be that you would like to live in the world where everyone is living in a good way and understands each other. Just the way if letting it out is crippled one.

Then how to change it?

The most important thing is to understand that the change has to be done in yourself and not in the people around you. As soon as you take responsibility of your life, transform you negative behaviours to those filled with love and internal harmony (and I don’t think it is peace of cake. actually it is a hard work), it becomes easier to live. As soon as you expect nothing from outer source, it gives you extra help in your internal journey.

Why am I telling this? Because I think I have done couple of these changes in my life without actually realizing them, but there are still a lot that I will work on to make myself healthier and hence happier… One of my other resolutions for this year (and it is one that I am going to make not following the rules that were stated when making my resolutions) is to understand how I have provoked the universe to send my stomach problems for the past 4 years. And I am sure that if I continue this journey, I will know how it is to feel healthy again.

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2 thoughts on “Understanding your illness

    • Hi, Anna!

      Coming from Latvia, these alternative approaches to your life is very popular there, so, the book was in Latvian.
      On Sinelnikov’s website it does say that it is available in English through their website (that is in Russian), but i didn’t manage to find it on Amazon or anything. They did translate the cover differently though: “Love your desease dearly”.


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