Alternative doctors I have seen in the past 4 years

After trying regular medicine with no results, I turned to alternative. @Mark78. Flickr

I am thinking of myself as a person who likes to share. I am not one of those who will make mystery aura around me. If I have a feeling that I can’t talk to a person freely, I know that we will not make good friends. But this isn’t about friendship. This is the story of me getting ill 4 years ago and how I have tried to solve the problem.

How did it start?

So, it is 2006. I have been living away  from Latvia for a year. I have finally started to get used to all the new surroundings and starting to enjoy then, when things were about to change.  I got sick. After returning from one of my trips (this time it was Cuba), what I thought was travellers diarrhea, did not stop and was present in my life.  Of course, I started with the tradition help – what is mostly used in Western society – doctors.

They made all kind of tests and analysis, they sent me to the Institute of  Tropical medicine in Antwerp and all of the tests came back with the same answer – everything is fine. And the doctors did not know what to do – because they did not know how to treat something they couldn’t detect. Then one of the doctors decided to make a test to see if I don’t have any allergies or intolerances. And he did find it – he found that I am lactose intolerant and hence the solution was – to avoid all the lactose products and then I should be fine.

Unfortunately it was not that easy. As young and careless as I was, I did not realise all the products that contain lactose in a hidden way – meaning, that before you have the problem, you wouldn’t even think that these products, like sausages, bread, salad dressings, snacks, etc. would contain lactose. When I realised that, I totally had to overlook everything that I was eating. As you can imagine, problem was still there…

Looking for alternative ways

When the regular medicine in Belgium as in Latvia  could not help me (every time there was an improvement for a little while which afterwards threw me back to the same pain level or even deeper), I decided to start to looking for alternative ways.

After failure of regular medicine, I started to look for alternative ways. @dbz885. Flickr

First I remember I was going to a doctors which my Mom said she has seen passing by on her work. I think she was supposed to be someone with ayurvedic experience. Here I have to say that in Latvia we have long traditions of going to alternative specialists. We trust in the regular medicine, but somehow we like to be double sure and we go to an alternative one as well. So, this lady told me which products I can eat, which I can, what I can drink, what I can’t and gave me some powders to drink. It did not work.. But then on the other hand, I don’t think that I have put a big confidence in her.

Everything leads to alternative ways

Then going back and forth to doctors regularly (not finding anything) last year I went to Latvia. I have found a doctor, through friend of a friend’s Mom. She was a regular doctor, but she also liked all kind of alternative things. She looked at all my medical file which has grown quite big already and for her it seemed that it could be one thing that she gave me pills against that I was supposed to take (unfortunately I don’t think she was right). But she also suggested me to go and see these ladies in the countryside of Latvia that according to her were making miracles.

And I did. Actually all my family did – at that point my sister was also visiting Latvia and my parents insisted that they are going to drive us (as I thought my sister would be coming with me) there and wait in the car. Oh, well, those are parents 🙂

So, me and my sister we enter in this countryside house where everything around is green and there are not really a lot

Latvian countryside

of houses around and there in the middle of room sit 4 country side ladies – and they sit and their hands are going up and down whilst they keep talking to us. They told me to sit in the middle of the room and my sister was sitting behind. They kept talking between themselves in codes – apparently they were able to connect to the universe and travel in between my previous lives and supposedly they found the problem somewhere there and they healed it. Unfortunately – that was a short term solution. I felt good for a week and then it went back to the previous stage. I still can’t find what is the name of what they were doing, but it involved angels and theory that all of us have developed from a bud.

Alternative practice continued in Belgium

Well, I learned a lot of interesting things from them, but apparently they were not the ones that could help me. This leads me to the fact that after a long struggle I found 1 doctor on Belgium that practises ayurveda. Only one. And it took me a long time to find her. Anyway, last year August, I saw her for the first time. And we started treatment with natural remedies. I am still doing it, and don’t know if it involves that at some point I will have to have the aggravation after which I should be better (or I really hope so that this is the case – as I have been having this aggravation for 3 weeks now), but at least she seems to be the first doctor that is really interested in how I feel.

Oh, yes. I also think that all the problems start in your head. But as I am so distracted and having too many thoughts in my head, I am thinking that it should be wise to see some guidances in this area as well… I mean – after all this time of suffering (and basically cutting off your social life) I am willing to try everything.

And maybe my way is to learn all my lessons through this suffering. Maybe. But I think it has been there for way too long. And I want to change that.


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