Beauty of planning weekly menu

Photo by Brittney Bush. @Flickr

Big part of my life is made up of rituals that I follow: set of actions I do when I wake up – feeding minka (my cat), having a glass of water, giving morning kiss to Ben -, actions that I do on certain days (sometimes I like to take naps on Friday afternoons :))) and so on. One of my most favourite rituals is on Saturday mornings: I plan our menu for the following week.

First of all Saturday is first day when you really wake up when you want to and not when you have to. This makes it one of the best days. Secondly you still have all weekend ahead, so you are feeling rather uplifted. And thirdly – this is time only for me. Usually Ben is sound asleep till around noon, so those hours are just for me.

I like to make my Saturday morning coffee (which means: BIG CUP), read some news and then start planning the menu. I take out all my cooking books and there… there I dive into another world. Cuisine from Italy, Africa, Spain, mixture of cuisines, it is all up to me how our next week is going to look like. Flipping through the books give me feeling that I am travelling through these countries, leaving nice taste in my mouth. And this is the point where I take out my notebook and start planning. These are important things to remember.

  1. I write all the days of the week and see which days we are somewhere else (hence, no dinner needed)
  2. Then I decide which direction (cuisine) I would like to go. Usually I find it easier to stick to similar style
  3. I try to plan fish dishes for the beginning of the week (as for the moment we are doing shopping for the week) and some vegetarian dishes later on (as veggies can stay a bit longer without spoiling)
  4. When choosing recipes, on 2nd page I make a list of ingredients to buy. I categorize them under: drinks, veggies, fruits, meat/fish, dairy, other. Facilitates a lot later shopping.

When you take all these reminders into account and remember that I am not really a meat eater and I am lactose intolerant, sometimes I’ve arrived at a point where it is hard not to be repetitive. So far I have always found a solution though..

And here is my menu for next week:


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