Easy dinner: pizza with bbq sauce

Home made pizza turned out to be one of the best ever eaten...

Yesterday I arrived home late. House was messy (as we have been lazy for 2 weeks) and there was nothing prepared for the dinner… I could say: an environment for a bad evening which thankflly turned out not to be the case. However, this is not the story about the evening, this is story how to make an easy dinner when you have one of these evenings.

In the freezer I had some pastry left which I defrosted in hot water (as I did not have any other option for a quick defrost). It turned out that this way made the pastry a bit sticky and i added some more flour and made the pizz base. On top of that I put my BBQ sauce (which initially was cooked as ketchup, but turned out to taste more like BBQ sauce).

Then you can add whichever topping you like, I choose some pork/chicken sausage, bacon, mushrooms and lactose free cheese. Then all this I put in the oven (preheat it to 230 degrees C) for 15 minutes and it comes out…. DELICIOUS…. Is it healthy? hell, no! But it is home made, delicious and a treat for the hard work that we were doing. and we felt like we deserved it 🙂


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