Participating and winning

Photo by Luke Stearns

I have never considered myself a person who ever wins anything. Even though I must say that in general I am a very lucky person – I have achieved a lot in my life and if I would start comparing my life to others, i am sure that I would be on the winning side.

However, human is a weird being – you feel like a winner when you participate somewhere and then win a prize. Up until this year I was not lucky in this field. And then something changed: in the beginning of the year I won a Restopass in a competition organised by Brussels tourism organisation. This one lets me go to 40 restaurants in Brussels and get 30% discount first time I eat there. And not only me – my friends can benefit from it as well. Seems like a fine gift to me (even though I have been either lazy or busy to try most of them yet and Restopass is valid till the end of this year…)

And today there came another surprise – I won 2 tickets to Culinaria – fair that is going to be organised in the beginning of June in Tour and Taxis and where loads of famous Belgian cooks are going to particpate. Not only you can try different food there, but also you can participate in workshops and enjoy the coolest environment for that… I wonder what new I will learn to try out later in my own kitchen 🙂


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