Holiday turned into a date

Recently I have learned couple of new things about myself – one of them being that I – as many other people around me –  am looking for approval of other people for my actions. That before I do something, I subconsciously tend to compare my choice with what I have learned should be made in that concrete case. That my choices are not reflecting my real desires but they are rather projections of what I think is expected of me.

Let’s take, for example, holidays. I’ve always thought that holidays is something where you have to go and explore things, places, peaple, history around you. And all of that in one go.  I thought that you always have to get up in the morning and think where is the next destination for today. I thought that it is not a holiday if you decide to be in your hammock and read books. I thought you can’t categorize THAT under the name holiday.

Last year I had first of those holidays. Where everything was easy going. Where you didn’t do a lot. And I felt guilty about it. I felt so uneasy about it that I asked Ben if we could go to different places around, to drive here and there, because WE HAVE TO SEE THINGS. He listened to me and we saw places. I was still not entirely happy because most of the time we were being at the seaside (Ben kiting, me taking photos of him or reading books) or in the camping trying to find an escape from unbearable heat (35 degrees, no wind and no shadow can ruin your mood) and after my holiday I felt guilty that, when talking about it, I had to say that we did nothing…

A switch has been made

This year I have a different story. Me and Ben went on a holiday for two weeks. Similar like last year. Only this year I did not plan any cultural activities or anythhing. I just let the holiday be. And you know what? It turned out to be an amazing time where I felt like being on date for 2 weeks. We were travelling in different parts of France (Bordeaux area and Narbonne area) and if you would ask what have we seen, I would say – that everything and nothing.

We travelled through the night to get to Arcachon arriving shortly after the sunrise and experiencing that lightheaded feeling after you have not slept properly all night. It was supposed to be our destination. However it did not meet any of our expectations… After couple of hours we finaly found a quite camping that was small and nice (even though most of the toilets were just a hole in the ground – something, that I will discover later, is quite popular in the campings in France) and had a deep late afternoon nap.

After that the following week was just driving along the coast, looking for kitesurfing spots, eating in the restaurants on the beach and enjoying each other’s company… Something that you do not afford to do on a tight schedule. We took it really easy and if we did not manage to do something one day, we knew that there is other day to come.

Cool (re)discoveries

As a result of us not looking for any cultural activity or a MUST see place, we stopped at many many different places and I thought that some are really worth mentioning.

  • Big surfing brand factory center in Soorts Hossegor. You’ll find many different surf brand names: starting from Billabong and Roxy and ending with whatever you want. Sometimes it is just easier if all of your favorite brands are at the same place.
  • Bar La Payotte on Coussoules beach in La Franqui. Totally relaxed bar with your feet in the sand attitude and reality. You can get sandwiches, soft drinks and beers then. That is how far I discovered it. And if you are kite surfing – the security that would come and pick you up in case something should happen to you on the water, also can be find here.
  • Camping municipal Les Coussoules. Cheap, clean, next to the water. And no discos during the night. What else can you wish for? Oh yes – here they have taken care of their sanitary blocks 🙂

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