When a woman turns 30

Is turning 30 a reminder of things that we have always wanted to do?

Foto by Meg Wilis @Flickr

In preparation for my birthday (oh yes, as the title states, I am going into that stage where I no longer will be called girl :)) I have thought of many of my friends that have turned 30 and what changes that brought in their lives. As far as I can see, women tend to pay more attention to this particular birthday. Or in other words, I have not heard any interesting stories about man turning 30 (probably their stories come when they turn 40. or maybe even only at 50).

So, what are the different things that women that I know have done in that one year before turning 30?

  • getting married
  • having a beautiful child
  • being worried about this date 2 years in advance and when the date comes, celebrating it with a great party only to understand the next day, that life goes on in exactly the same way
  • going away to a foreign land to meet someone who she has never met before and spending a romantic weekend together
  • totally changing  personal life – ending one relationship and starting another.

And those are just a few. All these, of course are regular life actions. And all of them have made my friends happier. What draw my attention to that was that all of my friends had these changes exactly in the year before they turned 30. That made me thinking: is 30 some kind of reminder of the things that we always have wanted to do but never dared to or were just too busy with something else? Maybe 30 is a good catalyst that puts as closer to the values that up to this point we have put on a shelf: secondary things…

As for me… My big thing was organizing an ayurvedic trip for myself. Me, Sri Lanka, 2 weeks and experience of a lifetime. Experience that is yet to come later on this year.


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