Addicted to the TV series: when do the new seasons start?

Photo by Lubs Mary @

Yes.. Now I can tell for sure: I am quite addicted to them. Especially if I let myself start watching something new. (Latest thing that I got hooked on is Parks and recreations by NBC. It is a sitcom that very much reminds of The Office. And as we know – The Office is a cool sitcom :)).

Anyway, what I wanted to say is, how did I find out that I am a bit of TV sitcom freak… Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and was thinking that from all the series that I usually watch, during the summer only 2 were on – Hell’s Kitchen (with shouting Gordon Ramsey and a lot of upcoming chefs) and Top Chef. And here is the moment: then I checked when all the other series start they new seasons!!!! For me that is freaky enough 🙂

Anyway, if you are enjoying your TV sitcoms as well, here is the list of dates for the new seasons for the ones that I love:

Weirdly enough I have not started watching any English or French series… Should I even find out if they have any good ones, I wonder? 🙂


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