Shopping for clothes online

Photo by Karl Hab @Flickr

I don’t recall a point in my life where I would have been enjoying shopping. Maybe the only exception would be when I am abroad. Somehow there things seem cooler, you seem to have more time and you don’t worry THAT much about the money spent (those worries are for the time when you return home).

In Belgium I place shopping in a category “heavy tasks”. Not because of the limited offer (you can always find that cool/funky/loveable things if you are looking hard enough) but mainly because of the working hours. Here the shops are open from 10.00 to 18.00. Maybe in some cases to 19.00. And then they work on Saturdays. But!!! That is the only day when every human working normal hours, can hit the shops. Which leads to crowds, crowds, crowds… And there are not many other things that I despite more than crowds and traffic jams.

This is the reason why I arrived to online shopping. A very tricky business, I must say. Not because you can’t try things on and always risk having a wrong size or fit, but because it somehow deludes your understanding on how much money you spend on the articles (every time I have done online shopping, I have to revise my shopping basket seriously). But there is more good to it than bad. First of all: you don’t have to queue. Secondly, you usually have wider choice than in a regular shop. And thirdly: it is delivered to your home.

So, after all this persuation 🙂 here are some of the sites that are delivering in Europe and that I tend to check from time to time. And then try to resist the temptation to shop too much:

Stylish, reasonably priced shops

  • Next: latest fashion for women, men, children and homeware.
  • Republic + extra good delivery
  • New Look: brings you this season hottest fashion clothing for women, men, teen and kids.
  • Top Shop: is jam packed with all the latest styles.
  • Dorothy Perkins: all for woman
  • Oasis: fashion clothing, apparel & accessories

Specialized shops

  • Monsoon: specializing in woman’s dresses
  • Zeleb: specializing in woman’s dresses
  • Shopstyle: you know that you want pants, but don’t know which ones? This site allows you to search by different terms and gives the results from different sites

Shops I discovered in Belgium

  • 3 Suisses: quite often can find a good deal on things, but don’t expect the highest quality if you buy it cheap
  • La Redoute: sometimes I wonder why the clothes there are prized in that way. Yet I have shopped here many times. Somehow some things are just irresistable there…

When you have a statement

  • Addict: one of the UK’s longest running streetwear brands.
  • Brand Neusense: urban clothing, fashion clothes and fashion accessories.
  • Surfdome: lifestyle & surf clothing from over 175 brands
  • CX London: Rock and music inspired clothing for men and women including 50’s dresses and skirts, lingerie and T shirts. Some decor items and vintage playboy magazines.

On the expensive side

  • FarFetch: unites Europe’s best, designer boutiques in one easy to shop website.

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