Getting rid of the cold. An experiment.

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I was so happy last weekend about the chance to get on the dance floor that of course, I could not stop myself for several hours.  As the weather was something atypical to August – around 10 degrees and raining, I think it can be blamed for the cold that I got in the following days. Now I am in a stage where it gets really annoying (nose is constantly stuffed and red from blowing it, head feels like weighting a tonne and all you feel like doing is staring at one point. preferebly from the warmth of your bed) and I decided to make an experiment to see whether I can get rid of the cold easily.

So what do I need to do? Find some advices from other people, of course 🙂 First one came from Anete yesterday, but seemed something that I would try only when I am ready for it (today it seems to be a good day :)).  She suggested to have a garlic tea!!! I looked up some recipes and this is the one I am intending to try.

For a cold fighting tea you will need:

  • 3 cm grated ginger root
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 4tbsp lemon juice
  • couple of crashed carlic cloves
  • a bit of Cayenne pepper

How do you make this miracolous (TBC) tea?

  • Simmer the water in an open pan with the ginger and garlic for 15 -20 minutes
  • Add the lemon, honey and pepper to the pot AFTER you are finished simmering ginger.
  • Just strain it into your cup.
  • When you want more, just heat it back up.

Other suggestions that I have found online and that seemed reasonable to try to integrate into my fight:

  1. Rest a lot. Sleep is going to give you the necessary strength to fight that virus.
  2. Drink hot liquids. Hot liquids relieve nasal congestion, help prevent dehydration, and can soothe the uncomfortably inflamed membranes that line your nose and throat.
  3. Blow your nose often and the right way. The right way to blow your nose is to press a finger over one nostril while you blow gently to clear the other. Wash your hands after blowing your nose.

Also found this recipe to relief your stuffed nose. Seems like something I did in the childhood. My only question is: where do you get all that camomille here in Brussels?

Next time when I will want to try an alternative approach to the Western medicine, I think I will try one of the recipes on Natural remedies site. Seems like, even though not very easy to read through the articles, they have a lot of recipes on how to treat different things or states that you might arrive to….

And then there was a comment from one reader on one of the sites: ” Whenever I have a cold, I drink hot whisky, honey and lemon, and use ecucalytus and menthol oils.”  If only I would knew how to make the whiskey hot (I suppose you don’t boil it the same way you boil water?!?!?!)


2 thoughts on “Getting rid of the cold. An experiment.

  1. the tea (whether the miracle will be there, is still to be proved) came out rather spicy but the taste is not bad at all.. you feel every single ingredient and together they make a great drink. When you have cold, of course :0

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