Getting rid of the cold. Experiment 2.

Lemon seems to be a miracle rescue from cold. Photo by hamelah @Flickr

During the weekend I was already doing an experiment by trying to get rid of my nasal congestion. The drink that I made was not delicious (as expected). I would even say that I had to motivate myself hard to drink it, but after having 1l of it, on Sunday morning I felt like a human being again. However… I feel that something else is crowling up… Something that seems like a beginning of a deep cough…  That is why my second experiment is going to be getting rid of it. This time I will also try to involve in it Nadina, who is caughing in front of me and complaining about her sore throat.

First rule of thumb: drink plenty of liquids. Preferably with vitamine C in it, but other than that: water and tea should be your friend during the time when you are trying to get better. And after that as well, of course. I don’t think that nowadays anyone is surprised about the importance of drinking a lot of water during the day.

Remedies for treating the cough

  • An excellent cough syrup is made by mixing equal parts lemon juice and honey, with a little cayenne pepper tea. Take 1 tsp. 3x a day or when needed. (this basically is half of the basis of that drink I drank in the weekend experiment)
  • Steam it out: One old-fashioned remedy for a cold is a steam tent — sitting with your face over a bowl of steaming hot water and your head covered with a towel to keep the steam in. Adding 1 to 2 drops eucalyptus oil can be soothing.
  • If the cough is going deeper, there is a Latvian approach that has helped me in the past: lie on your stomach. Ask your partner to put honey on your back. then cover it with a towel. then put hot boiled potatoes (cut in halves lengthwise) on top of the towel and lie until they get cold… Don’t know how, but this one has done miracles to me…
  • Another thing that I was suggested by Anete today was: boil some water, put a towel in that water, squeeze the water out, then put it on your chest, cover it with another towel (so the heat wouldn’t escape) then put a woolen sweater or scarf around that and go lie under cover until the hot towel is not hot any more.. Seems unusual? I”ll try it. Me and Nadina agreed to share experience about this point tomorrow 🙂

Remedies for treating sore throat

  • Sip water with vitamin C in it (lemon is an excellent sourse).
  • Use a mixture of raw honey and lemon juice, to coat and soothe the throat.
  • Gargle with warm saltwater. If you can gargle without gagging, make a saline solution by adding 1/2 teaspoon salt to a cup of very warm water. Yes, when your mother told you to gargle with saltwater, she knew what she was talking about. It cuts phlegm and reduces inflammation. Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon salt in 1/2 cup warm water, and gargle every three to four hours.

I found that some very useful ideas are found on this website. Something to keep in mind for the future “i need to be cured like… yesterday” cases 🙂


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