Restaurant THE WOOD: a jewel in Bois de la Cambre

Hidden behind the bar, we had our own private space

Yesterday was the day when me and Mazais (who is also Evita) were celebrating our name days (a thing that Latvians do quite strongly… As we don’t have as many holidays as other countries, I suppose we are allowed to have one extra celebration). We chose restaurant The Wood without having much info on it. None of us has ever been there, but somehow it had some attraction in both of our eyes and we decided to take it as a our being-together-with-the-ones-that-we-love place.

Restaurant is in the forest. Yes, I do consider Bois de la Cambre a forest. Better that than nothing, anyway. And as nature is quite an important part of my life, I wouldn’t ask for anything more.. Ok, maybe Chalet Robinson would be even something better, but to me it seems a romantic place to go to… Don’t know why…

Getting there

Anyway, The Wood…  There is a difficulty with it though: not so easy to find when going there for the first time. Even though Google maps had shown me the destination, Ben’s GPS was lost as soon as we arrived at the forest. So, here is a hint: when coming from Avenue Louise side, start going around the forest. Keep going until you pass Chalet Robinson (and you can’t miss it because this one is VERY visible) on your left twice and then start going slowly and look for a white banner on the left, saying THE WOOD… Basically, you have to drive around all forest before you arrive to the restaurant.

The place is not too big and they don’t have their own parking, but there is quite a lot of space on the side of the road. And from there it is a minute walk to get to the restaurant.


photo from The Wood website

When coming to the restaurant, it seems like a regular forest house from the outside, but when inside, you see that the creator of this place wanted it to be a modern one. It is not a big one, but it is quite cozy. And immediately you can see that it is not only restaurant, but also a lounge bar at certain hours. It has that… loungy feeling.

As we were 12, we were seeted behind the bar with a view to the internal garden. Not a good, nor bad view, but we didn’t really have any other option for this amount of people.  And when we asked if it would be possible to change the seating the way we liked it, girl, that was serving us, was keen on helping. Not really a thing you see every day in Belgium (not in my experience anyway).

Another point on the looks: the toilets. They are made in a way that you are a bit confused. It is in green, but in wet green – it seems that you are in a wet meadow or maybe even a marsh. And they have forest sounds in there. And the toilet paper was black. Liking or disliking of this very important part of every restaurant, is a personal taste, but definitely it was something different and that was appreciated by everyone.

Service and food

A very important factor in every client orienated place. The service was friendly but must say a tiny bit slow (and then again… I

Cod: one of their excellent dishes

might have very high standarts :))). In total I would say that friendly won over slow… By the end of the night we had a couple of misunderstandings about the bill, but it wasn’t an experience like I had couple of weeks ago in a restaurant in Antwerp, where maitre d’ announced that we are just not right saying that the fish is not done. She was in the kitchen and she saw that the fish is good, she said… Well.. here the mistake actually was corrected…

As for the food – just one word for it: excellent! Really, all 12 of us were happy with whichever dish we chose: lamb, cod, risotto, salad: everything was just outstanding!

In the conlusion: would I ever go back there? Of course, I would. Maybe not in such a big company (we were not able to talk to the ones that sat on the other end of the table), but if we were 2 to 6 people: this is definitely the place to go at least once! On a special occasion, or just like that: because you feel like it!


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