Want to have more energy? Drink more water!

All our modern health issues are related to not drinking enough of water

Yesterday I spent the whole day in an ayurvedic course organised by the ayurvedic doctor that I have been seeing for 1 year and her organization. Morning was dedicated to ayurvedic cooking and the afternoon was about general laws of life.

As doctor explained, it does not matter what you think of general laws of life and whether you apply them, they do exist. And if you don’t take them into consideration, in the end it will always manifest in some sort of illness. And that shouldn’t be told to me: a person who has been fighting being sick for quite a few years.

Anyway, the most important thing (and please understand that this is just a general look into a very very wide and deep subject) to keep our bodies running and able to function, is water. Our body needs it to be able to digest food, to be able to use our brain capacities and to be able to have energy. If we don’t drink enough water, we get dehydrated (obviously) and our body starts working on adrenalin, which is fed by insulin that our body creates. And to do that, our body starts craving more sugar. So, is it a familiar feeling, that you don’t have your energy if you haven’t had your cup of coffee, cola or similar stuff?? Then you are not drinking enough of water. And the more “substitutes” you keep giving to your body, the more you, excuse me for the expression, fuck it up. In the end, when you will have been using your adrenalin for a while, some sort of illness will manifest. It is just the way it is. And I can verify to that. As many others.

How much water and how should we drink it?

Normally we should drink 2l a water every day. As a norm. If wanted, you can drink more. And this is just pure water. If you, for example, add a lemon to your water, your body will recognize it as a diluted lemon and not water. And if you drink a cup of coffee, you should drink 2 additional glasses of water (on top of those 2l of water). The same goes for black tea, cola, alcohol etc.

Also an important part of this daily ritual, is HOW you drink it. For example, if you drink it with large gulps, the water doesn’t have time to be absorbed in your body and you just pee it out… Wonderful, no? 🙂 Basically these 2l of water per day should be drunk constantly, sipping it. Almost like tasting it. That way it has all the time do all the hydration in your body.

When we asked how much time does it take for a dehydrated person to get back,

we got our answer: provided everything is done correctly, in 1 year you should be functioning normally again.

When I asked whether it should be hot or cold water, doctor gave me the answer, that she personally prefers warm water and that she has found that for us, living where we live, that is the best option. Of course, when you take a tap water, it should be purified (Brita filter is my option) and only then boiled. Because the  water that comes from the tap, has been interfered with some chemicals, making it harmful for our body instead of being helpful. That also means that from time to time we have to drink water with added minerals to compensate for the lack of them in the filtered water. As for carbonized water, she said that it is something that our body doesn’t need and once it has been hydrated enough with a regular water, it will just stop asking for it…

Important to know

When we asked how much time does it take for a dehydrated person to get back, we got our answer: provided everything is done correctly, in 1 year you should be functioning normally again. If you wonder why it takes so long, look at the dry plant. When you pour water on it, in the beginning it lets it all through.. It has kept all the water reserves (that minimum that has left) to itself and any additional water is seen as an enemy. And then slowly, slowly, earth opens up to the water and after a period becomes wet and fertile again. This same system applies to us. And we are a much bigger system than plants…. So, water anyone? 🙂


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