Sri Lanka: day 2


Even this view couldn't get me up in the morning

Today I have put my alarm at 6 in the morning. Whilst it is crazy to get up that early back at home, here I thought it was appropriate (especially because my first medicine intake is at that time). My goal was to start the day with yoga at 6.30. However… Our planning of life is not the life itself. This morning I found myself struggling to open my eyes.

This struggle was not one of those: oh, I feel so lazy and don’t want to get up struggles. This was deeply on physical level. I had my medicine in the morning, then I fell asleep again, then I had my next medicine at 8.20 and almost fell asleep again. I realised that breakfast is till 9 and if I don’t go there now, I can stay without breakfast. And.. as the diet here is vegetarian and light, you are rather hungry by the time they are serving next meal.

During breakfast I asked the doctor (here the doctor is watching what you are eating and answering your questions all the time) about this sleep issue and she assured me that this is normal for the first day. “Tomorrow it should be better, madam”, she said. I heard another opinion on the subject though. A German girl, whom I met yesterday and who arrived day before me told me that she had the same problem on the first day but that it was slightly noticeable on the second day as well. We’ll see about that tomorrow.


I am prescribed a certain cure, which means that I am going to have the same massage and other procedures for a while (don’t know if that is for the whole time or they will be changing something at some point). So, once again I go through a heavenly 4 hand massage during 45 minutes, 20 minutes in the herbal garden where my skin is soaking up some extra oil + I get a facial mask (alvea and cucumber) and then another 20 minutes in the herbal bath, where herb infused water is being poured over my body. Can’ t say that I have to complain about anything.

After this wonderful hour and a half, I gather my courage and go to the desk for the acupuncture appointment. Man behind the desk seems very happy that I have changed my mind. “Come after lunch,” he instructs me. That seems fine for me.

After lunch I am guided to the acupuncture room where I meet this beautiful acupuncture doctor whose name in translation means Dr. Joy (of course, I have forgotten the Sri Lankan pronunciation as soon as she said it). Rather funny, taking into consideration that she is putting needles in human bodies. The name suits her perfectly, though. Not only she is extremely beautiful, but she smiles and laughs all the time. And it seems that she really enjoys every patients’ company.


on the way to massage

So, I lie there on the table and she very carefully puts the needles in my body, in the points that will help activate the energy to solve the issues that I have. I can’t say that I liked it.. Honestly… I felt the needles all the time and that annoyed me. Even though Dr. Joy told me that it is good that I feel needles and the heat around them – that means that they work… And then there is other side.. I managed to relax as well.. Through all the disliking of the procedure I managed to fall asleep for 5 minutes… I’ll give it another go tomorrow as well. Because that is the day after which I should start seeing results. And also because I think that Dr. Joy is really cool…

Besides that

Later on during the day I thought I would sit at the ocean and read a book. I have a possibility to do it next to the pool that is filled with sea water, but somehow ocean seems more like a real deal. And it is also a bigger possibility for tanning… So, I sit down and then it starts… People from other side of the rather low wall that try to sell you things. Then there are group of men that just hang out there. All day long. And they are looking at you.. Some others are trying to talk to you. And whilst I understand that this is their culture, I don’t dare to go for a walk in the ocean alone..

So, what I do instead, I take my time to explore the resort. A little paradise in the middle of poverty. And that is exactly how I saw it – whenever you take one step outside the resort, or just have a look at outside, all that is there, is poverty, garbage and poor people. That makes me feel bad – I am here resting, getting massages etc, whilst 2 minutes further on, people are making their food on the fire.. because they don’t have any other kind of stove… And then again: can I help them in any way? Only thing that comes to my mind, is tipping those people who work here. No other ideas come to my mind at the moment…


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