Srilanka: day 5


et voila. this is the box where you have the ayurvedic steam bath.

Today my treatment is an early one: @7.45 and I can barely make my morning rituals, cause, as usual, I don’t get up at 6am 🙂 However there is one new thing in todays’ treatment – I am getting a steam bath or  Vashpa Swedan. Basically, after you are oiled or had your oil massage (in my case) you are going and lying down in a kind of wooden box (picture speaks clearer I hope) under which various herbs are burning. It smelled.. like I would be somewhere safe and in a happy place.

A word on acupuncture.. I really am giving it a try, but somehow… I just really really really don’t like the feeling when the needles enter my skin. Even though, I must say that in some points I don’t feel anything, but others hurt so much that I always squeeze out some sound of painfulness.. Dr. Joy always laughs… Funny her.

New daily routine

After reading a bit and having lunch (everybody serving in the restaurant were asking me why I didn’t come to breakfast. Funny) there was a possibility to go on an organised excursion. And whilst the destination seemed like something I could enjoy (a temple), I can not yet overcome this organised thing.. Somehow it seems like you are limited only to certain things… And also age group (50 and above) did not really seem the best company… So…

Instead I practised my new daily routine: meditation, swimming and reeding.. Meditation is coming slowly to me. It is not easy to calm my mind. It has got used to having million of thoughts at the same time that now, when I ask it just to concentrate on the breathing, it doesn’t want to let go… But I will get there..

As for reading: I was reading “Comprehensive Sri Lanka travel guide” and it hit me. Me and Ben should come back here for our Christmas holidays. This land has everything: water and sandy beaches (and I am sure there are lot of kitesurfing spots), nature parks where you can see elephants and tigers, tea plantations, amazing Buddhist temples, ruins, mountains and…. reasonable prices.. Only downside that I see so far: they drive on the opposite side of the road. Here I have to agree with Ben if he would be OK doing the driving… because having seen the traffic here… I would not dare, I just would not dare :).

my daily medicine dosage

Yoga on the rooftop

Another thing that I tried today (finally) was yoga on the rooftop. And I realised that I have got soooooo rusty.. There were only few exercises that I felt I could do properly – all the rest was: either I can’t stretch enough or it is going to the level of pain that is really uncomfortable for me. Parts where you have to relax were fine though. I am getting better at relaxing and not trying to figure out which are the things that I still haven’t finished or what I would like to do in the future. And that is a good change.


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