Sri Lanka: day 8


this is how I was for 2 days. No sun, no wind, no physical activities, not a lot of talking and no shower 🙂 What you see through the scarf is oil 🙂

Today was the day when I have finished the Shirodhara treatment. Besides the fact that it is quite unusual not to take shower and sleep with oil in your hair for 2 days (especially when daily temperature is around 30 degrees C), it has been rather great experience. My doctor told me that I could be experiencing all kind of emotions – I could be laughing, I could be crying, or getting angry. I didn’t get any of that. But instead… I got some internal peace. And: it has become much easier to meditate.. So, somehow that stream of oil is affecting you in a calming way.

I don’t think I would be able to do the treatment for the third day though. On the second day feelings during the procedure where different: no more sparkles, no more gates opening. It was just as they would be opening a channel in my forehead and putting that warm oil in there making it raw and open. And whilst in the beginning it was just very sensitive, in the end it became too sensitive. When I was touching it, the feeling was that I am irritating it even more… But maybe through that it was easier to get that inner peace that I was so much looking for.

New friends

This is also one of the days when all the ladies that I am sharing my meals with are leaving. It is a sad moment, because in a very short time you grow very fond of the people here. And we were from all over the wold: Margarita from Australia, Sheila from UK, Michaela from Czech Republic and Svetlana from Russia. And all it takes is to ask someone: how are you doing tonight? (it was not me who started the conversation, but observation is still valid in any case :))


we come from different parts in the world and we all met here. last lunch together.

And here, on the point where we are saying our goodbyes, I realize how true is what was once said to me: everyone that we meet in our lives is our teacher on some level. And that is how we communicated here – sharing our experiences and “teaching” others that we have experienced so far. I can say that it was a great opportunity to meet so many various, yet open minded, kind and fun people.

Ayurvedic medicine lecture

I was happy that today was yet another lecture on Ayurveda. Somehow here I have really seen the practical application of it and it is no more theory I have read in books that is far and distant to me. Lecture was given by one of our doctors who is a really funny guy (as I must say, a lot of Sri Lankans are.. they are just joyful and funny. In a good way) and who (as every other lecturer that I’ve hear so far) every sentence says 2 or 3 times. From different angles. Or changing order of the words.

Today, as there were couple of Japanese in our lecture/tour of herbal garden, he said a lot of words in English, Japanese and then some in German (the average “client” here is German and Japanese people). So, imagine, every sentence is repeated 2 -3 times and then all the words are mixed in. Just hilarious. And he was actually explaining medicine: how they are produced and what are the purposes. As I don’t dare to explain the procedures of this, here is a short photo reportage 🙂


pots and pots and jars of various herbs that later on become medicine

Dr showing how they are using manual grinder to prepare ayurvedic powder

Dr explaining either some joke or something about plants 🙂

In this one they boil oil for 1 to 1 and a half month before it is ready


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