Srilanka: day 9

The weather has been gorgeous so far, you can not wish for more sun or a closer beach. That is why my morning started at 5.30 today (and also because Ben sent me a msg that he was just about to go to sleep after a party. I wonder how we will manage our time schedules on my return:)). I went for a walk on the beach (and that is literally outside the walls of the resort) and for the first time in my life (or as far as I remember) I saw the sun coming out. And it was not on my way home from a party 🙂

I must say that the feeling is amazing. That you are up so early and that you realize how much time you have because of that. And somehow you also see how much beauty it is in this world. Then again – it is quite easy to see that when you are at the ocean, surrounded by palms, fisherman and waves…. What I also noticed while walking: Sri Lankans are early birds. The beach was almost packed at that hour and a lot of people were exercising. When later I asked about this, I got an answer that yes, they like to do their morning exercises. I should learn that. Exercising in the mornings.


Besides my regular massage (which is such a pleasure… And… I think everyone should try it…) today doctor has prescribed me to have an eye treatment. In Ayurvedic treatment that means that you are lying on the massage table, then they clean the area around your eyes. Next step: from a material that has a texture of plasticine they make kind of glasses or frames. And then… they pour ghee into your eyes (that are closed at that point).

If you are wondering what ghee is: it is a butter that has been boiled on a low fire for hours, all the foam from it has been taken off until you get a pure liquid. Afterwards you can use this for your bread, in massages etc. So, anyway, you have ghee on your eyes (that are surrounded by those frames) and then you have to open your eyes. Close them. Open your eyes. Close them. For 3 minutes like that. It feels like your eyes are drowned. But it doesn’t hurt or anything. Just a weird feeling. Normally this procedure is supposed to improve your eyesight, but I can’t tell you the results yet.. I think that in Ayurveda in general the results are coming a bit later… This is not some miracle that changes everything in 1 day.

Together with one of the doctors from the health center

Lecture from a yogi

There is an in-house meditation retreat organized for 3 days. Of course, I have not paid enough attention to the board and I think that it is every day the same thing whilst in reality it is 3 day continuous lecture/meditation event. There has been a meditation @5:30 in the morning, which I didn’t do but I do go to the lecture at 8 in the evening.

I always find myself happy about yogis and monks. When they speak, they have so many stories to tell you, so many things to share and it is just so pleasant to be around them. And this is no different. He looks peaceful and he is constantly smiling. He has the look of someone who is not searching any more. He has found it.

While it would not be fair (or possible) for me to try to explain what he said, there are 4 things that have stayed in my head and that I think are interesting. We could focus our attention on them or in this case, we could meditate on any of them:

  1. Loving kindness. We have lost our kindness due to many reasons, he says, but it is a natural ability within each and every one of us. Good part of the story is that we can develop it through the meditation. And if we are meditating on this, we should wish love, peace, harmony, health and all the other things that we want to wish for EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD. This is the time when you stop being selfish, I say.
  2. Compassion. “Let’s take it as a beautiful hobby”, he said. Talking about kindness and compassion, he gave an example: When you see a puppy, you automatically have kind reactions towards it. However if you would see a dog whose guts are coming out, how would you feel then? Would you pet him? Would you want to feed him? Real kindness is when you have equal feeling towards both of them. There are no criteria towards whom you are kind and whom not…
  3. Appreciative joy. We have to learn not only to be said with/for the people around us, but also share their joy with no jealously towards it. Remember a time when your friend had really great news, I don’t know – about a new job or new assignment for example? A job or assignment that you have wanted really bad for a long time? What was the first feeling that you had? I know that I have had jealousy couple of times. Not in a bad way, but still – a subtle version of jealousy. And if we want to change that, we have to imagine that we ourselves are this friend. Or anyone else, who is bringing these news. Then live the event through that perspective and be truly happy for that person
  4. Equanimity. Nothing is permanent in this world. Nor good things nor bad things. So, when you are feeling excited, try to calm yourself down a bit, because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. And when you feel down, cheer yourself up, because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Balance is everything in this life.

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