Srilanka: days 10 and 11


getting sunburned is kind of my "speciality" while on holidays 🙂

Funny how in the beginning of every trip I am always happy to keep the diary running (even though on other occasions it has been a paper version) and towards the end of it the entries become irregular. Anyhow, I wish not to interrupt the chain of the stories and memories, so here comes the summary of 3 days (including the last one that still has to end).

Sunday: getting sunburned

Weekends in the resort tend to be a little bit more calm. After all: it is weekend and even people here need to rest. As for me – I didn’t really feel well (I have been having trouble with the medicine that they are giving) and canceled my massage appointment. They have not been giving me acupuncture appointments for a while and I don’t protest. Even though the doctor was so joyful, the procedure itself was a pain.

Now I had a whole day to myself where I didn’t need to schedule anything else in. I made my weekend calls home, replied some emails and enjoyed the sun. Of course, as stupid as the situation can get, I didn’t rate the strength of the sun on the right scale and in 2,5 hours, even with a local sun screen all over me, I was burned. On a level that in the evening I could feel how all the skin is tightening up, how it screams about the injustice that I have done to it.

When I am going to dinner, even my casual talk partners notice the change. And comment on it. Obviously. By the time I am the dinner table, I know that I have to have some solution. I ask if I could get some aloe vera to apply. From kitchen they bring me a small piece that would cover my face 1 time but wouldn’t be enough for the rest of the body. And for me that doesn’t do the trick.

What I do next is: I ask the doctor on duty (who is a young woman of age 27 with a boyfriend who lives in Italy. She met him 3 years ago, 2 years ago he left to work there. Now they talk every day on the phone and when she is really tired, she thinks he has a girlfriend over there. She hopes he will come back next year. And no – she doesn’t know if she still loves him) if I could have some extra aloe vera. Because I have seen it all over the resort just growing there. She tells me to ask her later.

And what we did later is a funny thing: she was giggling like a child and led me to a dark corner of the garden where she gathered some aloe vera for me. She said that I shouldn’t tell anything to her manager (which I have no intention of doing). And she couldn’t stop giggling all the time 🙂 They are so innocent here. As for me – I was sleeping with the fan to the highest and trying to cool off with all that aloea vera + Vaseline all over me. Needless to say that it was not a pleasant night 🙂

Monday: nasal treatment and laughs of the massage girls

So, I wake up at 5 today. Because my intention is to go on the morning meditation (there is a guided meditation for the 3rd day today and I have managed to get myself up. Finally.). Must say that for me it was almost impossible to feel the meditation flowing through me. The yogi who was guiding the meditation is a great guy, but for me it just somehow didn’t work. Either I was too sunburned or I couldn’t find a comfortable position or maybe it was just not a meditation morning…

Anyhow. At 7.30 I am prescribed to have my last procedure on this trip(besides massages): nasal treatment. On the way to it I meet one of the doctors and ask if I am allowed to have any massage at all. With all the sunburned skin and everything. He says: just don’t massage the places that are burned. Which makes half of the body..

So, the procedure goes like this: you lie on the massage table, they apply some oil on your face and then they put some oil in your nose that you have to sniff in. And then you go to your room and for the next 30 minutes I was spitting out all kind of stuff. The procedure is a nasty one but supposedly not only improves all your senses, but also balances your hormone levels. Will see about that, will see.

How I made all the massage girls laugh (and have worried looks as well)

Later on I am having my massage appointment where the girls that give me massage, seeing how burned I am, call for the doctor to come and see if there is anything to be done about it. She instructs to use different oil (not warm) and go very light on everything. No steam bath today. In the herbal garden later on I will be applied aloe vera all over my body.


aloea vera from the garden.

But why did they laugh? In the beginning when they saw the burns they were a bit shocked. And then they asked me but why do I do it. They themselves don’t like to go into the sun. They would like to have the skin tone that I am having. I said that I like theirs pretty much, that is why I went into sun. I just didn’t know that it is that strong… What done, is done… So, all I get today was a very gentle treatment. And I needed a lot of sleep. After which, of course, I could not fall asleep. Good thing that I have taken a book in library.


Should I talk about reading at all?? Well.. a bit. I have taken my Kindle with me but I think it does need to have a Wi-Fi connection to download the books and it doesn’t work here. Or maybe I really am not good at technology and have not understood how to operate that magnificent little thing. So, I have read all the samples of the books that I have downloaded back home and was out of ideas what to read.

I went to the library that they are having and from a choice of few English books (in German they had hundreds of them) I chose to take the one of Elizabet Gilbert’s books: “Committed”. Why did I chose this book, even though the previous one (bestseller of hers “Eat. Pray. Love”) was a book that I had very hard time reading? I don’t know. Maybe I just wanted to see if I have missed something. Because every female is raving about her bestseller book and for me… It just doesn’t do it…

As for the second book, she is about to get married for the 2nd time in her life and she wants to prepare herself morally for this step (as the first marriage ended on bad terms and left her with a lot of mental scars). So, she does a lot of research on the subject and tries to compare that to what she understands of a marriage. Once again – even though from an analysis point the book was full of interesting data, I don’t think she is going to become my favorite writer. Nevertheless I read that book in 1 day… That says something.


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