Srilanka: days 13 and 14


beautiful sunset on Wednesday night before it started to rain

The last two days in my Ayurvedic retreat are passing by calmly. I read books, I go for short walks, I eat white rice and toasts and drink Western medicine. Health seems to be up and down. At some point I feel OK just to feel down 30 minutes later. So, all I have is destiny. What happens, happens, so to say. Here will be some last remarks on some events.

Astrological horoscope

Wednesday was the day when I was supposed to get my horoscope. When I entered the room, astrologist seemed to recognize me immediately: “Miss Latvia,” he said. “Here you go,” with a wise smile on his face. My sister who lives in the USA has already told me that this is how it is easier for them to distinguish her amongst all the other people. She is used to it already, she says. To me it just sounded funny.

Anyway, the most important part: what did the horoscope said!!! I was impressed that most of the things were rather positive. I remember when my Mom started to study astrology, she made a horoscope for me and started interpreting it. I must say that it was not as positive as this one 🙂

In short: I will be able to take care of myself financially, gain my money in honest ways and will feel very free about spending it – on myself and others, I will succeed in my career (preferably as administrator or manager that would have to work with foreign affairs – I wonder how this keeps coming back in all the horoscope interpretations that I have ever heard about me), I will travel a lot and I will establish a charitable organization. From the bad perspective: I am quick tempered and sarcastic. Nobody is perfect, so to say 🙂

And yes, Ben, I totally think that the money spent on this was totally worth it 🙂

Dancing performance

Last night resort was organizing a traditional dancing performance. I thought that it is going to be one of those where there will be stunning outfits and faces of dancers that feel like they are almost wearing a mask. Of course, once again: don’t expect anything. Instead there were 3 young girls dancing something between what I would imagine is traditional Indian dance in a pop version.


chech out the outfits.. bollywood style. a bit.. no?

Then there was a girl and a boy dancing together. Bollywood/disco dance. Funny, but weird at the same time. Maybe because the dancers were too young. I would say they were around 13 years old and that means that your body is not harmonized with the music. You are just too young for that. They were really trying hard, but no… something was wrong with the scene there.


Last couple of days have been cloudy and last night it finally started to rain (maybe I should be happy about my sunburning episode on Sunday? At least I have a little bit of tan :)). During the day rain continues. And I tell you – it isn’t rain you would see in Brussels. This is the real tropical rain – that you can’t see through or that you see no end to it. I hope that it will end before tonight.


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