Stories from Costa Rica. Zip-line, crocodiles and watersports


Canopy tour ended next to the crocodile fence. Had to be careful when landing ๐Ÿ™‚

We are happily continuing with our pattern for this trip and getting up around 6AM. Morning comes with a great view to the lake and volcano Arenal. It is a pity that it has been sleeping for the past 6 weeks and seems that still will continue sleeping. The views with it being active must be spectacular. After all – this is a young volcano and it must have a lot to show off ๐Ÿ™‚

Here, in Essence Arenal Boutique Hostel, you will have yourย  breakfast made with love and will be able to have your morning conversations not only with owners, but also with the travelers from all around the world. That is what one small room and one big common table will do to you ๐Ÿ™‚ We have our eggs in a basket (a very good variation for your regular baked egg) topped with tomato/onion salsa and we decide that today we would follow one of the advices one of the owners gaves us: canopy tour.


A canopy tour is a specific type of zipliningย  where a person is harnessed to a steel cable and propelled by gravity from platform to platform high up in the trees of a thick forest canopy. This partictular one is taking place in a resort called “Los Lagos” – a beautiful place having a lot of amenities for everyone. Why did we stick with this tour? Because for 45USD p.p. (which is the average price for a canopy tour as we heard) you have not only possibility to fly over the trees, but also you have an access to the butterfly, ant and crocodile garden (all of them in separate areas :)) and the possibility to use their pools and waterslides (with hot or cold waters).

Me and Ben totally ready for the canopy tour ๐Ÿ™‚

We sign up for the one @10:30 (there are 4 tours per day) and in the end it appears to have been the right choice – while we were 11 people in the group now, the next group had 55 people in them… (A lot of things while travelling is a matter of luck, as I have discovered in this trip) Of course, I am really really scared before the tour. My mind races back and forth thinking about nothing and being scared. I look @Ben and he is just so calm that it frightens me even more… Weird twists I can have in that mind of mine ๐Ÿ™‚

When the time comes, we are all dressed like real climbers, picked up in the busses (there are 4 guides for 11 people) and brought to the highest point of the canopy tour. After a 10 minute safety instruction our tour can start. Ben gets to go first and I am directly after him. In total there are 12 rides and we do 3 at a time. It all happens so quickly that there is no time to be scared while you are doing it. Or to really enjoy the surroundings for that matter…

However when you arrive to the last destination, you still have that feeling of excitement in your stomach and the feeling that this was way too short (check out how elegantly I do one of the lines :))… In other words: if you have a chance to do a canopy tour, do it! It will not only tingle your senses, it will satisfy that little adrenaline need that we have inside of us:)

After excitement activities

After all this we needed to have a lunch to calm down. Our next activity: visiting all those animals that are in the resort. Crocodiles are just lazily sleeping in the sun, some of them resting their heavy heads on the stones, butterflies are escaping from us in their butterfly house and the only place that really attracts our attention is an ant house. Those animals are really fascinating: the way they communicate, their sense of obligation and their organization is something that all of us could learn from!

you can see close-ups of crocodiles, butterflies and ants

Our next stop – waterslides. One of their pools is filled with the water coming from the hotsprings from the volcano heated water and going down that waterslide is more fun than you can imagine. Afterwards trying out the cold one takes a lot of courage ๐Ÿ™‚ Both them are really fun and going down is so fast that all you want to do is go back and do it again ๐Ÿ™‚

Kitesurfing and windsurfing in the area

As Ben is passionate kitesurfer and I enjoy watching watersports (that is till the moment when I overcome my fear of deep water and will start doing it myself) and it has been said that there are kitesurfing spots on lake Arenal, we decide to go and check out the spots.

On the way to the lake Arenal we met some animals. I thought that these are anteaters, but after seeing some photos online, don't know if these are going into the same category

There are 2 spots on the lake where you can practice your sports: Tilawa Windsurf center and Tico Wind. Both of them are located across the lake of each other and is about 50km drive away from where we are. At least the drive is scenic and most of the time on the good roads. And even though on the previous day there has been a lot of wind (and a temperature od 12 degrees C on the water), today it is silent and predictions for the following day are the same. That is the risk you take with watersports that depend on wind.

We return to the hotel, meet a lot of new people, have some great Indian food together and another beautiful day in Costa Rica has been spent.

More photo moments of canopy tour (click on the photo to see more)

Scared before embarking upon the adventure


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