Stories from Costa Rica. Ant attack


Playa Guiones

Getting up early is a gift during your holidays (0r in general, I suppose). By the time it is 10:30 we have managed to have another delicious breakfast, go for a walk on the deserted Playa Grande, enjoy the ocean, as well as swimming pool and be ready to go. Our destination for today lies more south: Playa Guiones.

We have 120km (3,5h) of dirt road ahead of us but somehow we don’t mind. Ben says that we have switched our mindset and for us it is a norm and not abnormality any more. However we do feel tired when we reach our lodging Giardino Tropicale. It is a 3star hotel that has obtained quite a few ecological certificates. We are greeted very warmly by one of the owners: Myriam. She and her husband Marcel (she is from Colombia, he – from Switzerland) have opened the hotel 12 years ago and worked hard for it to become a tropical paradise in the jungle that is still 5 minute walk away from the beach.


View from the Deluxe room in Giardino Tropicale

Myriam offers us an upgrade that we can’t say no. The room is as big as half of our apartment back home. Wood and glass dominates. A lot of light and space. We like it a lot. And after that long drive we appreciate a lot the possibility to rest in the rocking chair on the terrace.

Fighting ants

We decide do go and check out the local village (which seems to be very easy going and full of tourists that have blended with locals) and beach and call it a day. Playa Guiones and the area seems to be a place where you just fall into doing nothing and feel good about that. And who says that you always have to be on the run while travelling? Sometimes it’s good to sit back and read your book. All day long.


Sometimes it feels good to do nothing

When we return to the room to get ready for the dinner, we discover that we have some guests in the room: approximately 100 carpenter ants. We are no entomologists and don’t know what they are doing there or what they want, to us it seems that they are just there, with no purpose. They have no interest in our bags or anything else. They just walk around there. We take the hard decision to kill them.

Afterwards we ask Marcel (the owner) if he would have a suggestion how to fight them. He gives us a spray and some kind of syrup that ants would eat, bring the poison back to the nest and that should end the story. Not in our case though.


First batch of killed ants

The poisonous spray was  generously used in all parts of the room, bathroom  and everywhere where we could think of spraying it on. After that I went to bed. Shortly before midnight Ben woke me up as all the drugged ants have “invited” other ants and now we had literally thousands of them – you couldn’t step on the floor and not kill some. They were everywhere: on the floor, windows, bathroom walls and… trying to get up the bed. Apparently the drug was too strong because after a short way up they were falling on the floor.

We decided that this view is not going to let us sleep peacefully and we moved all our belongings to the other room (that we have originally booked) and hoped that ants are not going to follow us to there. As Myriam and Marcel were asleep already, we left them a note,  sent an email (thank you, Costa Rican government, for supporting free wi-fi in the country) and went to sleep in the room that was ant free. For that night.

Oh, yes, Ben also filmed the view. Enjoy the video 🙂 !


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