Stories from Costa Rica. Birth of baby turtles

Hotel “Giardino Tropicale” once a week is organizing an organic product market in its premises and we are lucky enough to fall on one of these days when it’s there. Among very wide range of things offered, there was freshly squeezed orange juice, fruits and vegetables, freshly baked empanadas and vegetarian pate that was so delicious that later on I went back and begged for the recipe from a Canadian woman that was selling it. Against my word that I won’t distribute her grandmothers’ recipe, I got it. I can share the end results though. When I prepare one 🙂

Sidenote: people we meet

As it is only 8.30 in the morning we head down to the breakfast area to have some delicious coffee. Breakfast table is shared and we start talking with a couple from Israel. A couple that looks 15 years younger their age. But not that is the important part. The important part was that the guy kept talking to us about his search of who he is and how things work on a wider scale and he shared some of his thoughts (amongst them one really got stuck with me: we should have love within us to make our surroundings better. First love inside, then surroundings will change). This episode reminded me that we can learn from every person we meet on our way. Everyone is our teacher. The guy also strongly recommended to go and visit Israel – we won’t regret, he said. Food for thought…

Playa Ostional


Waiting for a possible catch

After our long breakfast that has stretched well into lunchtime, we decide that we are going to Playa Ostional – place in Costa Rica that together with Playa Nancite in the Santa Rosa National Park are the most important nesting grounds for the olive ridley in the country. And even though the main nesting season is over, we have been told that some turtles still come to lay the eggs and you might be lucky enough to see the baby turtles hatch.

Getting to Playa Ostional from where we were during wet season is told to be done only by 4×4 and we clearly understand why – even now, in the dry season, once again road ended and then continued after we have drove through a river. We just had to take a video of that 🙂

On our arrival to Playa Ostional it is 1 in the afternoon. Of course, we do not hope that during the hottest time of the day the turtles would hatch however we still go for a walk on the beach “just in case”. (we did see a dead turtle though. not that it counts or anything…) It is deserted at this time. Only black vultures and and other mean looking birds and insects… All grouping up and hoping to see those baby turtles coming out and catching them before they make their way to the ocean…

Deserted beaches and baby turtles

We decide that we should explore the area and drive further on just to see what is there. We were lucky enough to take the right road and to arrive to a beach in a bay that belonged almost only to us. One of those beautiful beaches where you can easily spend 1 hour with no regrets and be happy that you have been there. You have loads of those ones in Costa Rica.

On our way back we decided to stop again at Ostional to see some local surfers catching the waves.  Suddenly we saw people running to the same spot; that, of course, made us to do the same. And then… there it was. 100 baby turtles (in 1 laying turtle lays 50 to 100 eggs) coming out from the same spot and going directly to the ocean. The view was amazing… Nothing would interest them. They had a goal. They had a mission.

They say that you can help them a little bit either by providing some shadow or bringing them a little bit closer but not all the way to the ocean. That is because they need to smell the smell of the beach where they are born, in order for them to able to return here in 10-15 years and lay their eggs.

As they say that picture says more than thousand words, here is our video of that moment.

Photo moments (click on the photo for more photos)


One thought on “Stories from Costa Rica. Birth of baby turtles

  1. That’s it, next time I am just going to hide in your suitcases and tag along! I want to travel too! I’ll pretend I am a kite. Ben rents them over there anyway. 🙂
    Great pictures, as always, and wonderful stories, as always, and the ziplining looks like great fun!
    Hope to see both of you very very soon!
    Love, Jxxx

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