Stories from Costa Rica. Treat yourself for Christmas!


Surfer waiting for the last waves before the sun has set

Ok, let’s be honest – being on a vacation is a treat itself. However, even while being there, sometimes you feel like… having something even more out of the ordinary. And what better occasion could you ask for than Christmas? 🙂 And for this Christmas we really had something outstanding. But first things first.

The best things in life are the simple things

Waking up on the Christmas Eve day, I look outside and see the sun (yet another glorious day). After reading all those tweets about closed airports back home,  all over Europe and in the US as well as constant reports on heavy snow falls, this view seems unreal.


One of the things you can enjoy in almost every hotel in Costa Rica is playing with dogs 🙂

We look at each other and decide to have our first (and also the last) really lazy day. Where you are at the pool reading books. Where you look lazily at the clock and decide that now it’s time to take a shower and go find some place nice to have a lunch (L’Aqua Viva resort had simple but great food for affordable prices. And the surroundings were just great). Where you go surfing and enjoy a beautiful sunset. These are the days when all you need are simple things to be happy.

View in front of our hotel room on Giardino Tropicale

Wildlife in the garden

While I was the one enjoying only sunset (and Ben was the one enjoying great surf and sunset), I also got lucky to step out of our room just to see that 2 monkeys – Mom and a baby  playing in  a tree. Followed by a quite angry Dad. Every family have their hierarchy, I suppose. As for the sunset – on the Playa Guinoes it is spectacular. Not only nature around and surfers in the water, but also people on the beach, having a beer and a bonfire.. all that adds to a great sunset in my book of great sunsets.


Christmas day was the day when we were moving away closer to the place where we were supposed to see whales. And to the Corcovado National Park, where you can see jaguars. If you are patient enough, that is. However the spectacular part is about something else.


View from Vista Pacifico hotel in Jaco

As we did not rely on the quality of the roads, we booked a stop in Jaco – a beach town that is supposed to have one of the most favorite beaches in Costa Rica (because of its close proximity to San Jose, it is popular among locals as well). Our hotel – Vista Pacifico –  is on the top of the hill with a view to the ocean and the city. Peaceful and nice.  When we arrive there, we have some time to spare and we decide to follow an advice from our guidebook – to visit another hotel.

Spectacular moments at Villa Caletas

Yes, that is right: a guidebook is saying that it is worth visiting this 5 start hotel that has been built under the influence of the charm of French-colonial arquitecture and Victorian homes and that has an amphitheater that not only offers you to watch a sunset in different surroundings, but also serves as place for some classical or jazz concerts.


Sunset in Villa Caletas amphithetaer

We were intrigued by that. By the sunset in the amphitheater. When you arrive to the Sunset Bar, you can take any place on the steps. You will hear loud classical music and trust me – sunset in these surroundings feels very different. And is very very spectacular.

After the sunset you can still enjoy your drink in the amphitheater with some lounge bar music or you can do what we did – decide to stay for a dinner. This was our second spectacular choice for the day. Dining in a 5 star hotel restaurant, under the starry sky, having torches and candles around and having great quality food…  All I can say – if you have a chance, do it!

More photo moments (click on the photo to get there)


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