Sunday brunch in Brussels

Photo by greinarr @Flickr

Brunch is a concept that I have discovered only when I moved to Brussels. Not that I can say that now it feels like the most natural thing to do on a Sunday morning, but every time I have it, it always make the end of the weekend feel a bit more like something special.

One of these Sundays a group of our friends gathered together in one of the places in Brussels that serve brunch – “Tea and Eat”.  The place has been attracting my attention for quite a while and I am definitely happy that I have tried it out. The occasion was to celebrate birthday of one of the friends and for that it was perfect.

The formula in the place is simple: for 25 eur you get a buffet of sweet and savory dishes (principle: eat as much as you can), a coup of coffee or jasmine tea as well as a glass of juice (orange or multivitamin). If you feel like anything extra (a different sort of tea, for example), that would cost you extra. Children under 3 don’t pay anything, older than 3 have a special kid’s menu for half price.

Staff working in the place speak French and a little bit of English (we didn’t test their Dutch knowledge). Something to take into account if your French is not that good. Also, there were only 2 people working for approximately 40 guests and clearly, that was a bit short.

As for the food – you get everything from quiche to sushi and beyond. Quality of the food is good and gives you a good start of the afternoon/day (depending on the time you have the brunch :)). Overall this was a great place where to have a great ending of a weekend and to have fun with your friends.

Other cosy brunch places in Brussels

  • Le pain quotidien. Various locations all over Brussels, wide brunch menus offered.
  • Cook&Book. The name says it all – place is filled with books. You will have a relaxed ambiance around you and you can choose what kind of books you would like to read during or after your meal 🙂
  • Bla Bla Gallery. Continental brunch for EUR 22.50. A walk in the city center is a “must” activity afterwards.
  • Het Warm Water. Different bruch formulas starting from EUR 11.80. Place is located in the center of the Brussels.
  • Balmoral. All good american things in the style of 1950-ies.
  • MIM. On the top of musical instrument museum you can enjoy brunch for 25 EUR. This place works only till 13:00 though, so you have to be an early bird 🙂
  • L’Orangerie du Parc Egmont. Hidden behind the Hilton hotel, a perfect place for a quiet brunch.
  • Green Attitude. A place next to the King’s Palace that I am really keen on trying out. It seems that not only they have fresh and healthy brunches, but you could also ask them to deliver food to you for your lunch. One of these days… One of these days I will try it 🙂

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