Weekend getaway in German mountains. Feldberg.

There is something about +7 degrees and sun that attracts a lot of people to the mountains 🙂

Recently I have realized that when you assume a certain amount of responsibilities in your life, the fun part of your life needs more planning. Like going to mountains. Suddenly it is not a decision that can be made in a split second, it is something that needs careful planning.  Especially if equally busy friends are involved in the planning 🙂 But this story is not about that (yet :)). It’s about a wonderful weekend and a lot of fun on the mountains in Germany.

If you are living in Brussels and you carry some love for mountains in your heart, you’ll know that it is not that easy to get to any real mountains nearby. Sure, there is a possibility of using the indoor slopes, but still… it is not the real deal. The closest mountains that would satisfy your urge to be on slopes are in 500km distance: Les Vosges (and yes, I don’t count Ardennes as real mountains) in France. However, their infrastructure is not as good as the one on a German site: Feldberg . Even if it is 1h more to drive, we have found it totally worth it.

There are 31 lifts and 55km of slopes of all difficulties in the resort. In my book for the weekend that’s all you need to have fun. And a good weather, of course (with which we were not that lucky with. +7 degrees and melting snow all around does not seem to be the best combination. Especially if you keep falling all the time :)).

Apres-ski is a very important part of being on mountains 🙂

Practical side

It seems that the resort is loved by everyone living in the area (and not only), so it is smart to book your accommodation very well in advance. Hotels that are reallllllly close to the slopes, are enormously expensive. So what I have been doing, is booking a room in one of the typical German hotels 15 to 20min drive away. Costs you very little and you get the real charm of Germany. With lush breakfasts  and typical German decorations. We stayed in guest house “Wald&See” in Titisee and I can warmly recommend it for all the above mentioned reasons 🙂

A bit more careful planning applies for the arrival to the slopes: if you want to park your car, arrive before 9am (which is the time when the lifts start working). If you don’t mind walking for 20 min, most probably you’ll find a parking space later on during the day as well. Otherwise use the shuttle bus any time of the day. One day ski-pass will cost you 27 eur, 2 days 52 eur. You can also take a half day pass, pass for couple of hours or by a card with points (where every lift is rated with different amount of points).

Of course, as in any resort, there are ski schools and gear rental places available, as well as quite good apres-ski scene. For the dinner, just ask the locals (or hotel owners) which is the best place in the area. That is how we arrived to the best pizzeria in Titisee “Passarella” that served not only pizzas but traditional German food in tradition German sizes as well 🙂

What can be more authentic than a possibility to buy a German national outfit? It is not cheap, mind you!

Overall feeling

Going to Feldberg (or Les Vosges for that matter) is not something where you expect to have some high class spa resort (even though I am sure that there are spas available if you are interested) with luxury shopping. It is a place where you expect to see the authentic country (either Germany or France). And that is what you get!

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