Climbing in Belgium


Klimax has one of the greatest climbing walls in Europe. Here on September 30, 2011 there will be a climbing world cup.

Life is more interesting if you are trying out new things, right? Not that you should do it all the time, but from time to time it is a must. One of the many possibilities to try out one of the adventures is if you are getting a Bongo box as a present. It kind of pushes you to look at all the possibilities that are around. And as it was, in our house there was a Bongo box of activities from which we chose climbing.

The place for climbing is called Klimax and it can be found in Puurs (a place where you can also find the Duvel factory 🙂 ) that is 30min drive from Brussels. Without traffic jam, that is 🙂  The working hours during the week are from 19-23 and in the weekend from 10-22 on Saturday and from 10-20 on Sundays. The place is also one of the greatest climbing walls in Europe (another pearl in Belgium).


Spider man/woman were moving all around us.

Having a Bongo gift card, we didn’t have to pay for anything, but if you want to try the climbing without the Bongo, here are the fees in Klimax:

  • entrance in the club: 7,50 EUR ,
  • rent of a  climbing belt: 1,20 EUR,
  • climbing shoes: 1,50 EUR
  • magnesium ball: 3,70 EUR.

Our experience

On our arrival we were greeted by a 74 year old instructor who later on showed some remarkable spider-man moves. His name was Ben (a funny coincidence) and he has been climbing for years. His lifestyle just once again proved that if you are active, then age is just a matter of numbers and not an excuse for not doing things 🙂


Climbing is a couple sport.

Climbing is a sport that requires to be in a pair – one person is climbing and the second one is securing the climber (a good couple sport, indeed). And it is quite fun to be on both sides – to see how far you and your partner can push your limits. And, of course, to motivate each other.

I was the first one to start and… the first climb I got over half of the way and did a mistake of looking down… And even though I am not afraid of heights, this was a scary moment. The feeling that you are doing something where you could actually fall down freezes you up. It gives you a little panic attack… So I went down…

Ben (the instructor) explained me that I have to trust that Ben (who secured me) is having my back. That in case anything happens, he will be there to catch me.. He said: “You are thinking too much. Just put all your mid on the climbing process. Concentrate! Free yourself from all the worries!”

And on the second go I was up. I kind of had a switch in my mind that left all the worries behind.. Of course, when you concentrate only on your goal, nothing else is disturbing you any more… Then it was Ben’s turn. Also he said that the first climb is a bit uncomfortable. That is all related to the trust in other person.. That he/she will be there in case something happens.

Ben, the instructor, was not giving us  the hardest routes to climb (oh yes, every climb has a color – if you start on the stones that are white, then you should be using only those ones to get up. If you start on the orange ones, then the climb is orange. etc, etc..) but still with every next climb he gave us a new challenge: we twisted our bodies in a way we thought we could not, I tell you that 🙂

Of course, the climbing would not have been this interesting, if Ben, the instructor, would not have shared his passion and given a part of it to us through his stories and his attitude. And, of course, seeing other climbers there on the wall, is kind of of magic.. I think that we would want to have this magic a little bit more in our daily lives 🙂

Some climbing places in Brussels


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