Restaurant week in Brussels: surprises and tested values

No, this is not going to be about the famous Belgian restaurant week that takes place every year and gives you an opportunity to try out different restaurants for a fixed price. This is a story about how very unexpectedly, our week turned out to be our restaurant week with some new discoveries in Brussels restaurant scene and some tested values that didn’t fail.

tested value: Brasserie des Etangs

Surroundings here are stunning. Especially when the weather is warm and sunny. Thanks to Flikkesteph for the photo @Flickr

Brasserie des Etangs is one of the places in Brussels where we go for a dinner every time we have no other quick ideas of new good restaurants. Food here has always been good and the prices: reasonable. This time we were a little bit disappointed though (and thought that if this would have been our first time in the restaurant, we probably wouldn’t be so keen on coming back). As the summer season is here, they had hired new personnel that wasn’t properly trained yet and there was quite a bit of chaos going on.

However: food has always been good there and the possibility to be on the terrace next to the pond in the park is something that I do appreciate a lot. Sometimes I am even prepared to wait more just for the sake of surroundings 🙂

Maybe, this is is a safe bet and that is why we quite often go back there, or maybe it is the peacefulness of the place despite the fact that it is next to the big street, but it is still on our list of restaurants that we like returning to.

new discovery: Kabu


Floor is like a green grass, subtle ambiance and great food. Kabu is a must for everyone who loves Japanese food.

It was Ben’s birthday and such an occasion should not slip by unnoticed. So, another restaurant it was. Modern Japanese cuisine next to Porte de Namur: Kabu.  Here you can choose different formulas for your dinner, the one we went for was Kabu trio (24 eur p.p.): we could choose 1 dish from “sushi, sashimi, carpacio” offer, 1 dish from “small dishes and salads” and 1 dish from “fireplace”.  You can also choose different dishes from the menu, but taking the trio allowed us to try out different things.

When the food is brought to the table it is put in the middle, so you can share and taste different things. Besides being fresh and D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S 🙂 it was very creative and made with passion. The dish that from that evening on we will associate with Kabu is scallops with pure of truffles and white asparagus. That was a dish that got our ‘wow’ and ‘mmmh’ the most 🙂

I would say that this place could go almost in the category “for special events”, but then again… that is a very subjective category. Definitely a place where I would like to return, just to try out all that other fancy staff 🙂

new discovery: Le Patio d’Ete


Delicious parma ham/spinach and shrimp salad with pine nuts

It was Friday night and we both had a feeling that we would like to be outside for the dinner. After all it was 16 degrees in the evening and as you are never sure for how long this good weather is going to last, we didn’t want to miss our chance.

In the beginning we went to the direction of Place Jourdan but none of the restaurants there talked to us. We continued on towards Place Flagey and just after the Irish pub on one of the corners, there is a brasserie “Le Patio d’Ete“. Not a new place in town, but we haven’t been there yet.

We found out that the service here is SUPER friendly (e.g. their terrace was not open for dining outside yet but the friendly waitress made an exception for us)and you’ll get good food for reasonable price. And if you want to go for the drinks after – place Flagey has a lot of things to offer! They say that brasserie gets crowded during warm weather, hence, reservation for dinner is needed.


I liked this exceptional week when we were out so much. I suppose it is the spring rush and I love it! The same spring rush made us go outside on Saturday for a very long bike ride in the city, Bois de la Cambre and Foret de Soignes and the same spring rush helps you see your city from a different perspective. From a fresh one 🙂


it always depends how you look at things. Garbage can in the streets of Brussels can be just a garbage can or a piece of art 🙂


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