What to do this weekend in Brussels

Thanks for the photo to ironmanixs' @Flick

Brussels is usually not considered one of the main weekend tourism destinations, but I would like to argue with that. The closer we get to the summer, the more and more cultural things there are and the city is buzzing with events. Weekend of 7-8 of May is no different: not only Iris day is celebrated with various concerts and street festivals but also European Institutions are opening their doors to general public.

Of course, when you have too many offers there is always aproblem – how to choose from everything that has been offered? What to do and when to do it? Well, this would be my itinerary for this weekend if I would need to choose.

Saturday, 7th May

Visiting the European Parliament

Click on the photo to see more on events during Open Days. Photo by Pietro Naj-Oleari

After a nice Saturday breakfast my day would start by visiting the European Parliament for its Open days. Not only there are plenty of entertainment activities outside the building, but you can also visit different Directorates General (that are just called DGs internally) and political groups of the European Parliament, ask questions and meet those people who work in the Institutions that otherwise might seem so far and strange.

2011 has been named year of the voluntarism. If you think about voluntarism, it might seem like a distant term. Yet look at it from this point of view – if you are reading this that means that you have access to Internet. In my experience that also means that your basic needs (like food and shelter) have also been taken care of. There are millions of people in this world that are not this lucky and we could give a bit of our luck to them.

Thanks for the photo to Jacob Moyer @Flickr

Subject of voluntarism is dear to one of the royalties of Belgiumand that is the reason why princess Astrid is going to visit the European Parliament. She is going to open the debate on the voluntarism and visit various stands and exhibitions in the Parliament. To be honest, I would like to see a royalty in my life. If you would ask why, it wouldn’t be easy to answer that… I am sure that she is just as human as me and you. But still: I want to see her with my own eyes 🙂

Thanks for the photo to informatique @Flickr

Visiting other Institutions

I would definitely not stick only to visiting the Parliament. As the  European Council, Comission, Economic and Social committee and  Comittee of Regions, are open, I would use te possibility to have aglimpse of those institutions that always seem so big in the TV screen. After all: why not to use the opportunity if it’s there? 🙂

Sunday, 8th of May

Time to relax

As we are on a good weather streak, Sunday I would take my bike or if I wouldn’t have one, I would rent it (Villo is a good option for this) and go for a bike ride in Brussels. Iris day is celebrated all across the city – concerts, street festivals and ententainment.

I have always been in favour of discovering new groups, that’s why I am particulartly happy to see that in the Iris day there is a stage for new and upcoming artists. I would like to see all of them, but I already know that one singer is especially good. Check out her video 🙂

From 14 -20 nearby the concert area  there are “Aperos Urbain“, a concept that gives you the opportunity to rediscover Brussels, beautiful parks, statues of famous people and its village aspects among friendly people.

Here it is: Brussels from a different perspective. A summery one 🙂


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