When brunch in a regular place is not enough: Pavillion Louis XV

Vibrant colours among the trees.

I have to say that so far I have not associated description “foodie” with who I am but recently, looking at the main experiences described, food related ones kind of take over… (I think soon I should become at least as active in the sports field. Just to balance things out  🙂 )

Anyhow. Here comes another food experience. Another pearl in Brussels I might even say. Pavillion Louis XV is one of those places that don’t come up in your regular search when you are looking for restaurants. And maybe it’s better that way as it keeps its charm of being a bit remote and authentic.

Located in the Wolvendael park in Uccle amongst green grass, trees and bushes, far away from any loud traffic even though it is surrounded by streets. The pavillon itself is more than 100 years old (or so states  the info on their website) and the presence of history is felt, no denying that.

Look at the Pavillion Louis XV from the outside

Drunch experience

As I am one of those digital users that like to try out new things, I have subscribed for a new Groupon deal every day in my mailbox. One of the days the offer stated: come and enjoy drunch. What the hell is that, I thought? It appeared to be a brunch for lazy people (and that is my interpretation of drunch). For those who like to sleep in and then go for a late food on Sundays. Or in other words – mixture of lunch and dinner between 16:00 and 21:00 (another approach to the concept it is given by Urban Dictionary. It was not the type of concept we experienced, though :)).

For 15eur you have “as much as you can eat” buffet with a great twist: there is an outdoor grill to be used by customers. All kinds of meat and sausages can be found inside, but grilling is done by you. In the park. On a terrace. Somehow it felt like having a great bbq with great people even though I didn’t know any of them.

I must warn you: if you are a lover of healthy lifestyle, this might not be your thing. This formula is to be enjoyed by those who don’t count calories. Or for those who have to recover after a long night before 🙂 Frankly, by the time we got to the place (which was @19:00) there were almost no veggies left. Only the hearty stuff 🙂

Park Wolvendael es one of the great parks in Brussels.

Other formulas

Besides drunch, Pavillon also offers you a brunch formula (eat as much as you can for 18eur) and during the summer all kind of other interesting formulas that are related to eating outside. I even had a little urge to ask if I could rent the place for a party with friends. Did not do it though. I guess, wanted to keep the illusion that it might be affordable 🙂 (their price list can be found on their website).

Couple of things I would recommend

  • whichever formula you would choose, don’t be in a rush. this place is to be enjoyed slowly.
  • bike to the park. It will be a nice experience and a different way to see the city.
  • don’t forget to book in advance. the place is small and their various outdoor concepts are very popular!

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