Photo memories of days @lake Garda

As the peninsula is narrow, water is all around you almost at all times.

I don’t know how about you, but travelling for me is about having a good time. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same kind of formula all the time, but one ingredient is a must: you have to travel together with people who make you smile.

A trip to Sirmione, at lake Garda, was one of my yearly trip with girls. This time we also had a baby joining us and as it turned out: in Italy that opens many more doors than you could ever expect. It was a time to enjoy the good weather, spectacular surroundings, good food and each other. No culture, no monuments, no running from one place to another before the closing time. Just enjoying the moment.

Sirmione castle is one of 2 historical places to visit in Sirmione.

Chairs were to expensive to rent (honestly, 8EUR per day seemed a bit over the top). The guy working at the rental station did not agree that for a half a day we could pay half the price... Nor our blonde hair, nor the cute baby worked out 🙂

Pizza bites on the go.

If you are lucky enough not to be lactose intolerant, Italy is a paradise for ice creams. At some point it becomes too hard to choose 🙂

White wine in the spring/summer season is a must 🙂

Very vintage style milk shake I would say 🙂

One of the beautiful views in Sirmione

Some tips before you go

  • if you have a possibility to be mobile, choose it. Sirmione is a great place to see, but not necessarily the place where to stay for a long time
  • be aware that it is a very very very touristic place and you will see not only loads of German tourists in their 70ies (with their “good” intentions to explain what is the good way to live your life) but also groups of youngsters and Italians from all over the country
  • prices in the village are quite high. e.g. water in the restaurant will cost the same as in the only small shop nearby.
  • with that Italian breakfast in the hotels, I still wonder how that nation stays slim. Their coffee is best of the best though!

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