Movies to give away

Photo credits: Christop @Flickr

In the spirit of decluttering the house (which is also seen as decluttering your life and mind on some level) today I opened a box with the DVDs that has been standing on a shelf unopened for a long time. What I discovered was that most of the movies and series that I have would fall into the category “I’ve seen them and would not watch them again in the nearest future”.

Hence, if you are interested in any of the following movies (and you are in Brussels or nearby), give me a “shout” and they’ll be yours 🙂

Oh. yes, and here is an inspiration for decluttering your life. From Zen habits.

4 thoughts on “Movies to give away

  1. Izlasīju un atcerējos pasniedzēju, kas lika ievērot mentālo diētu! 😉 Bet pievienotais links atgādināja, ka esmu savas dzīves un telpas tīrīšanā apstājusies pusceļā… Būs jāturpina!

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