Even when you think you can’t bake, you can bake

Sweet, sticky and delicious. It convinced me to give another shot to the sweet part of the food world.

I consider myself someone who can’t really bake. I try from time to time, but the disaster that my kitchen turns into and not so great results (which could be linked to the fact that you need to be very exact in baking, otherwise you can easily start over several times) have kept me back. Until today I thought to myself that I have given up to soon and to easy. That it can’t be THAT difficult.

You know what? It turns out it isn’t! At least with some recipes it is true. I found this upside down pineapple cake recipe for which I had all the ingredients home and went for it. OK, my kitchen does look cleaner after I prepare dinner(s) and, while turning the cake on the plate, half of it fell of the plate (a perfect excuse to eat of your kitchen counter), but the smell of the cake in the house and the taste of it was totally worth it.  It feels like home somehow.


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