Ultimate fun for girls: fashion swap party

Attitude for the night

I don’t really recall how this idea came to me. Maybe it was one of those mornings when you are in front of your wardrobe which is full of clothes but you have a feeling that you have nothing to wear or maybe it was one of those nights with girls when even without noticing you are exchanging some great ideas.

The important fact is that this idea is one of those rare ones that came to life. What is the concept behind it? Well, I do strongly believe, that if you have an item in your house (for the purpose of this scenario, item is clothing. or shoes. or accessories) that you are not wearing for more than a year, you don’t need it. And before giving it to charity I thought that what might be a finished love story for me, could be a new beginning for someone else.

That is how the idea for the fashion swap came to me. I invited a bunch of girls (number of whom has grown over the years) who all brought their clothes/shoes/bags/accessories, that they no longer wished to keep and the bargain could begin.

The process

I must admit that this is a truly magical view. You know how all the women’s magazines always talk about how basic guys are? How you can put them in front of football game on TV, give a can of beer and they will be participating in the game by consuming loads of beers , crisps and along the way they will be shouting and swearing?

This is a little bit the same. Only beer is replaced by (step 1)  wine and the TV is replaced by the (step 2) girl showing the items to give away. I am telling you, it’s like a real market going on – with shouting, making agreements who is going to swap with whom in case the item doesn’t fit etc..

Then there is the (step 3) trying on part (and if you organize this kind of party, make sure that you have enough mirrors. or at least some), making agreements on items with others, going through the piles of clothes again (step 4 and 5) and finding something that has slipped the attention before.

This part goes to charity

After that party usually calms down quite quickly and the last step is to pack everything that stays and bring to the charity (step 6). The silence after the party always contrasts enormously with the mood during the previous 3 to 4 hours…

There is always that one girl

Obviously, we are not all the same size and what fits one doesn’t fit other (always something to be kept in mind when organizing an event like this), but somehow there is always that one girl who gets the most if it. That one girl who leaves with more than she came with. That one girl who puts on one thing after another and looks gorgeous in it. Not the same girl every year though. Not the same one. I hope that one of these parties it is going to be me 🙂

Fashion swap in the world

The concept as such (the correct term would be swishing) started in the beginning  of 2000 and has been taking of in various countries and forms (sometimes prices are being put on the items e.g.) and now you can swap your clothes online as well but somehow for me in this case a part of magic is gone. We do too many things online nowadays. Sometimes exactly what you need to do is to have a great night with girls!


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