Getting my freedom back

IMG_2972I was a good girl last year. At least Santa thought so, as I got the perfect Christmas gift: exactly what I wrote in the letter to Santa about. I got my freedom back! How, you ask? Well listen to my story then!

Becoming Mum has been one of the REALLY great events in my life. However it meant that suddenly I couldn’t go riding my bike any more. And biking was my daily life, it was a part of me. I was biking in Brussels up till my last days of pregnancy, I always rent a bike when going on mission to Strasbourg and I always want to convince whoever is with me to rent bikes on the citytrips.

Not only I find biking a really good exercise  but it lets you experience city in a different way and (the most importantly probably), you are independent from the public transport (anyone heard of crazy bus drivers in Brussels ??) neither ever will you get in a traffic jam! I think these facts alone form a very strong point why there should be more bikers on the streets.

Anyhow, all these good arguments go out the window if you can’t take your little one with you. When I looked for the information about the earliest age babies can go on the back of the bike, results were not to my liking at all: when they are 9 months old, they said. Some parents say: when they are holding their heads very steadily, you can start biking with them. That would be around 6 months. But still.. that’s 6 MONTHS… After 6 years of daily biking that seemed extreme to me.

And then came the freedom


First sightseeing trip for Seppe

Little did I know that Santa has some good friends in Netherlands where  genius system has been created  to allow you to go biking with your little one. Steco is a Dutch bicycle company, one of the biggest ones in fact. They have various solutions for your bike, whether that would be taking your baby along or going shopping or securely transport something on your bike.

And this was the reply to my freedom request. Baby mee is a system that lets you put the car seat behind your bike easily and securely, it has suspension  providing the ride for your little one to be as smooth as possible. On the 1st fo January we went for the first bike ride. We took it really easy and slow. And you must: after all, suddenly all your weight has shifted to back and you need to learn to ride your bike again.

Was it easy? No, not the first 30 minutes. Was it fun? Yes, after first 10 minutes, when I was used to the new weight and steering, it became fun..  Did the little one enjoy it? I say yes: there was no crying, no fussing for 1 hour. He had 1 hour of sleep rocked by the rhythmical pedal movements!

As the information says not to take the little one out before 4months (yes, I went 1 month ahead), there is not going to be any risky biking or racing in the nearest future for us  but I am sure we will be seen on the streets and in the parks of Brussels enjoying the views!!

Oh, yes, and if you need some musical inspiration for these bike rides, here is an appropriate one (this time in Dutch):

Some useful cycling information


3 thoughts on “Getting my freedom back

  1. Congrats Evita, great gift! I really admire your courage as occasional Brussels ex-biker:) by the way, what is the position of Bxl in ranking of the best biking cities in Europe? It seems that it is quite far behind the others…

  2. Fantastisks izgudrojums! Te pie mums mammas brīvību nosaka tiesību un auto pieejamība un nekad nebūtu iedomājusies, ka tādus knaukus var vizināt ar velo! Super!

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