Life without internet. Approved.

live simplyRecently I read an article on how a writer has cut off his internet at home to be more productive. As I was reading it, I realized that I’ve turned my private life very much dependent from internet, creating rituals that way too often involved staring at the screen. And even though I though it would be a good idea to try his experiment, I didn’t have the guts to do it on my own.

Thankfully I didn’t have to make any decisions as  my internet provider screwed something up which resulted in no internet in our household. And as it goes in Belgium (no offense:  I love a lot of things about Belgium, but client service isn’t one of them), the problem was not solving itself very quickly. I was left without the internet for 3 weeks. Retrospectively looking at it, I loved it.

3 stages of emotions

Obviously the first day I was cut off, I was outraged. “How can they do this to me!!,” I thought to myself. “Me, the paying client?!?!? I should be the queen! I should be served within 30 seconds!” As you can imagine, this did not lead to any results except that it transitioned into feeling that I am missing something… Like with any addiction, it felt like a part of me doesn’t know what to do. I was like a junkie looking for a fix. Looking, if I could steal someone’ s wifi suddenly was my priority. I couldn’t (people nowadays know how to protect themselves).

And then I let it go. I gave up the need to have the feeling of being connected and was happy to be. Suddenly I DID have the time for those million tiny things I wished I could have done earlier. I enjoyed my cup of coffee. I read an article. I wen outside. I lived simply. Or simply lived.

There and then I promised myself that I will try to stick and cultivate that feeling as much as I can outside the work life (and eventually maybe to bring it in parts to work as well).  To live simply. Or simply live. In the widest sense possible.


2 thoughts on “Life without internet. Approved.

  1. Man bija līdzīgas sajūtas, kad palikām bez televīzijas. Augustā būs pagājis akurāt gads, kopš zilā kaste ir kļuvusi vien par izklaidi bērniem ar vecāku stingri atlasītu saturu. Sākums likās dramatisks – iekritu dīvānā un domāju – a ko man tagad darīt?! Taču tagad droši varu teikt – ir vēl labāk kā bija!

  2. ja, TV neesamibu mes jau apzinati izvelejamies pirms gadiem 6. tikai skiet, ka internets lielu dalju tv atkaribu aizstaja ilgu laiku :))

    bet labak apzinaties vispar, neka visu dzivi dzivot tadas bezsatura atkaribas, ne?

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