Eco love for your baby

IMG_2949In this day most of us live in an urban environment. Not because we HAVE to but because society has chosen to grow that direction and we have gone with it as the most obvious choice. I do notice that the opposite trend is starting to kick in: people are slowly trying to be closer to nature again, having more natural and organic things in the house and more natural food in the belly. All this is an important factor for us but even more important when it comes to our babies and children.

It is true that eco/organic produce more often is more expensive than the regular one. It is an appealing argument why often we choose to go for that other option. However don’t we indulge then in the quantity of the items? (look, look, it’s only 3 eur, let’s get 3 tshirts instead of 1). I know I have fallen in that trap several times. One too many even.

And after being trapped, I quite regularly have this wave of cleaning closets out, giving clothes that I don’t ware to charity and getting rid of household stuff that hasn’t been used for a year or so… Now I want to try a different approach. Less is more. From the beginning: get fewer items that are better in quality and makes ME feel better (like buying organic clothes for my little one).

So, here it is: a tiny research for some ecological shops online. Hope they’ll be helpful to you as well.



+Other items (bedding, toiletries etc)


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