Latvian rye bread truffle

IMAG2179There are so many recipes out there that I have tried yet never have I gone back to the roots with desserts. Latvian rye bread truffle is one of the most popular desserts that I don’t think I have ever tried but as I recently came into a possession of a rye-bread, I thought it is time to change that. Continue reading


Special dinner for a busy cook

imageThis is the first year when for the Valentine’s day I am not on a mission in Strasbourg. And whilst the day itself does not hold a special value for me, it is, however, a reminder to make some meals more special than others. This one is a meal for a busy cook. Almost everything can be prepared ahead and all the cooking you’ll need to do for this menu during dinner time, is to boil the pasta 🙂

Those who have small children will know that you can forget about a decent sit down dinner that you were used to having. So, for me it was important that everything can not only be made in advance, but can also be served according to the free time slots we have in our son’s evening routine.

This was our special dinner

We started with salmon tartare and home baked bread with rosemary and thyme

Salmon tartare and home baked bread with rosemary and thyme

The bread was admitted to be delicious also with home made pesto


Pesto then was used together with fresh pasta


And the night ended with what was supposed to be a chocolate lava cake, but was, in reality chocolate suffle (as long as it tastes good, who cares about the names, right? 🙂


Here are the recipe inspirations for the special night meal:

  • Salmon tartare (I found the recipe to be too complicated though, so my version contained fresh salmon, juice of 1 lime, coriandre, salt, pepper, rice vinegar and a bit of sugar, marinated all that for an hour and that’s it)
  • White bread. I did add different spices to my liking, generous amount of rosemary and thyme being the main ones.
  • Pesto. My pesto does not have cheese in it (and yet is extremely delicious). If you prefer to make it without cheese as well, cut out 1 garlic.
  • Chocolate lava cake.